Chapter 16

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Heyyy so sorry for not updating sooner, so much going on. I thought I'd give you at least something to read. Enjoy :)


In 2 weeks, I will be standing in front of a big audience, getting my diploma. Considering I came in the middle of the semester, and I caught up on all the work, it went by pretty quickly.

Nathan had said to me that he would be marrying me after graduation, but did I want to? I mean I'm completely in love with him, however do I just want to throw my life away and commit to one person? I did, I want to marry him some day, but was this too early? No it wasn't, ugh I shouldn't be thinking about this now. It was wrong for me to even start. I was already thinking about so many things, and stressing out over them, that I shouldn't add even more stress. My parents were finally home, and I barely talked to them. I didn't feel close to them anymore. They didn't know who killed my grandma and I did. It wasn't my fault but what if it was? What if who ever did this, did it to prove a point? A horrible messed up point? To hurt my family and myself. I wanted an escape, I want to go somewhere to forget about everything. Somewhere far away just for a little while. That's all I needed.

I arrived at school no later than 7:50 am. I got there early because I didn't want to make small talk with my dad while he was reading the paper. Nathan said he would pick me up and take me to school, however I said no. I wanted to be by myself. It was a partly cloudy day, with a little drizzle. I wore jeans, a gray pullover sweater and high top converse.

Classes went by slowly, I could barely pay attention. My mind was racing. I was avoiding Nathan, I didn't understand what was wrong with me. I felt scared, I felt like no one really understood how I was feeling. They said they did, but they truly didn't know. My mind continued to race, until I bumped into a girl, dropping all of my books.

" Watch where you're going." She said

I kneeled down to pick up my books. Nathan picked up the last of my books. Handing them to me. His smile faded when he met my eyes. His tongue ran over the bottom of his lips. I wanted to grab him and kiss him, in front of all these people but the thought disappeared. I was too weak, too scared.

Scared that he's realized just how much trouble he's gotten himself into with me. My family just moved here, and we've already caused problems. Everyone knew that my family was different and they already thought I was weird. Someone was after me, and that same someone is the one who killed my sweet grandmother. This whole town thought we were fucked up, so why wouldn't Nathan think it too. I shoved past him, Nathan gripped onto my wrist, not letting me go. Nathan pulled me into him, letting the heat between us become pleasurable. Nathan cornered me in between the lockers and himself. Still gripping onto my wrist, while he grazed my thigh that just so happened to be exposed. I closed my eyes, enjoying every bit of this.  I gasped when he got closer to my core. I could smell his musky cologne as he pressed himself into me.

" Open your eyes." Nathan demanded

I did as I was told, and opened my eyes.

" Stop shutting me out, stop avoiding me, stop trying to figure out what I am thinking. All I can think about is protecting you, I love you Jamie, I will never stop, no matter how much you want me to. I won't give into it." Nathan said

I didn't speak, more like couldn't speak.

" Jamie, I'm going to protect you, he won't hurt you, I promise you that."

Nathan let go of me, and grabbed my hand. We were just about to leave when we heard a shrill scream. I looked around the corner to  where the scream came from and saw red spray paint across my locker. It read,

Jamie, I will have you as mine. No one can stop me.

Signed, your mysterious lover

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