Chapter 25: Diggy

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Yn's POV


Diggy opened the trunk we were on the empty highway. He saw me on the phone so he punched me in the face he started to pull me out the trunk by my hair I started to scream and kick holding on to my phone. Then I heard Ray Ray answer the phone and Diggy heard it to. So he snatched the phone put my hand and through it on the ground.

He pulled me by my hair and took me in the woods. I was kicking, Screaming

and pulling his hands so he would let go of my hair but it didn't work. I was being pulled like a suitcase he didn't care.

We stopped and I ran I tried to escape but e ran and caught me and threw me to the ground.

He got on top of me.

Diggy: You know I've been wanting to do this for a long time I've Been watching you Yn

How the hell this nigga know my name but forget that im about to get raped and no one can save me.

Diggy started kissing me on my neck and he made his way down to my chest.

He ripped my shirt revealing my blue and white flower bra.

I weeped and wined but he really didn't care.

He started to kiss me by my breast but he stopped when he got a call.

The call said mya.

He covered my mouth and answered it.

I think it was the mya that I knew the one that seems to be pregnant by Rays son.

On the phone


Diggy: ok baby's my son doing in your tummy?...oh really..*Laughs*...alright

I'm just sitting her like what the hell going on he just turned into a super nice guy like he act like he ain't about to murder somebody. He got his hand on my mouth just chilling as he talking to Mya and His son? If I make it alive I must tell Ray Ray but why does I matter? We're not together anymore.

When Diggy hung up he slapped me in the face.

Diggy: Come on bitch I can't kill you in these woods and I gotta make it quick i can't even fuck you no more cus I gotta get to my wife and I can't let you go cus you gonna tell somebody so lets go.

He grabbed me by my hair again.

Yn: Let go of me I promise I won't tell no one I promise I swear

I cried and screamed.

He put me in the trunk again,

How the hell I let him keep putting me in the trunk..


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