Kissing Lesson Imagine

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You were getting ready to go in your first date with a guy that you've liked since 3 years back. You couldn't stop thinking about what was going to happen. You started to panic as the thought of thing that could happen with Richard (your date) that night!

Y/N: OMG what if he tries to kiss me!! It would be my first kiss. I have to text Jae so he can help me relax.

You and Jaime have been friends for as long as you can remember. You guys have been neighbors since before you can walk. He was your bestfriend. Ofc he had a gf. You didn't want to admit it to yourself, but the thought of Jae having a gf kinda got you jealous.

*Text Msg*
Y/N: Hey Jae I need your help can you please come over!?

Jaime: Of course I'm on my way.

*End of Convo*

You hear the doorbell ring and open the door of course you were already ready having your hair curled and your makeup kinda did because you didn't want to cake it as much. And I wore a royal blue short dress from Forever 21 with my black heels. It was a dinner but you didn't want to look over dressed for the occasion.

*Jaime's POV*

I've kinda liked Y/N ever since the 3rd grade when we kissed by accident one time because we both turn to say bye. But anyways I had a gf but that was only to cover up the fact that I like Y/N. She was going on a date with Richard which isn't a bad guy but I want her to be mine already. Anyways when she opened the door I stopped my jaw from falling to the floor and my eyes from widening. She looked stunning.

*End of POV*

Y/N: Thanks for coming come in.

Jaime: Yeah no problem what's wrong?

Y/N: So as I was getting ready I starting think. What if he tries to kiss me!? Jaime I'm so worried! I've never kissed anyone before, this would be my first kiss! What do I do?

Jaime: Then just kiss him back Y/N!!

Y/N: Jae chill... the thing I'd I don't know how to kiss.?

*Jaime's POV*
Those words gave me an idea!!

*End of POV*

Jaime: What if I teach you how to kiss?

Y/N Woah... woah... woah would that be kinda weird?

Jaime: No I mean we are just friends right.?

Jaime starts to lean closer.

Jaime: Ok first thing. Guys will usually find a way to put their arm around you.

He fake yawns and puts his arm around you.

Jaime: Then they will probably look at you & wait so you can look back.

Jaime looks at you and you look at him.

Jaime: The he'll probably say something like "Y/N has anyone told you you have really beautiful eyes?"

You got chills down your spine when he said that because you didn't feel like this was a teaching lesson anymore...

Jaime: Then that's when he'll start to lean against you

And after that you feel Jaime's lips pressing against yours. You feels sparks all around you. You guys are kissing and nor one or the other can seem to break the kiss. Until...

Jaime: And that's probably what's going to happen. Well that is if he even kisses you in the first place.

You are left speechless after that make out session and more so that Jaime just acts totally normal about it.

Y/N: Yeah your right maybe he won't even kiss me.

Jaime: Alright I guess I'll be on my way.

He turns to the door, his back facing you. You can tell he says that waiting for you to say something back. So you decide to go along.

Y/N: Yeah you're right Richard might be here soon.

Jaime quickly turns around with a serious face and starts to walk towards you and you guys are face to face.

Jaime: Look Y/N I don't know how you feel about me but I just have to say this. I like you. I legit have true feelings for you. These feelings have been creating over time ever since the 3rd grade. And I don't know what you are going to say but it's worth a shot.
Y/N will you be my girlfriend?

Y/N: Yes Jaime Yes!! I also like you since forever! I never thought you'd ask that question. Jaime Cruz I love you.

Jaime: I love you too Y/N!
This imagine is for @Queen__143 she requested another Jaime one so here it is. Hope you guys enjoyed this long imagine :)

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