Part 28

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From: Secret>

To: Wes>


I'll Show You

July 24, 2015 at 6:32 PM


Dear Wes,

You would ask me for my hand,

And give me a big ring.

I'd make you sign a prenup

Not give you anything.

Our wedding day is ruined,

A virus starts to spread,

We spend the day both fighting,

Re-killing the undead.

We'd fall in love in combat

We'd help each other's pain.

When a zombie takes a bite,

I'd stab you in your brain.

Your poem was very funny. It definitely made me laugh. I hope reading the answer to your dare made you laugh too. I'm sending a picture that has never been posted anywhere.

This is turning into one of the best birthdays I've had. I'll take a truth this time.



P.S. I dare you to send me a picture of you.  


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