Part 27

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From: Wes>

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July 24, 2015 at 5:47PM


Dear Heartbroken,

Happy birthday Heartbroken

Today's your special day,

If we were friends in real life

I'd take you out to play.

We'd eat a great big dinner,

At a fancy little place.

Then I'd try to make you laugh,

To see your smiling face.

Then you'd fall in love with me,

I'd try to hold the line.

But you would make me kiss you

And try and to become mine.

You'd start to plan our wedding,

You'd pick out a white dress,

It would be embarrassing,

A big and awful mess.

I hope you laughed a little,

I hope I made you smile,

I hope you feel happiness

For a little while.

I dare you to finish this poem.

Give me a dare and....

Kiss and Tell,


P.S. For my birthday present I want a picture of you. 

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