Chapter 17

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When I answer my door, I see Samson on the other side of it with a suitcase in his hand, "I just went through Chloe's things. Do you mind if I stay with you for a while?" I shrug, "Sure. Come on in." I open the door wider so he can come inside with his luggage. "You know where the room is, make yourself comfortable."

He takes the piece of luggage that he has back to the bedroom while I settle myself back on the couch to watch television. When he comes back in the living room, he asks, "Where's Kyle?"

"He left about ten minutes ago after the movie was over. He wants to meet Rose at home. So you went through her things? What did you do with them?"

"We went to this family's house that Mel knew to give them the crib and found out that they didn't have any furniture and then the husband told me that their house burnt down and all he could afford was the house in the neighborhood that they were in because the insurance wouldn't pay and he was still paying for the house. I decided to sell the house after we went through all of Chloe's things because it seemed so empty without her things there. The house is just too big for me."

"I offered the family my house to stay in until they fixed everything with the insurance company. He had refused Melanie's initial offer of help because he didn't want to take advantage, but I didn't give him a choice. I called Brock who said that he would help him and here I am."

"What if I would have told you that you couldn't stay with me?" I cross my arms and try to look serious. "You're too nice and as a friend, you wouldn't have told me no. Also, you won't have to worry about someone different coming to stay with you every day because you have me staying here with you." He smiles. I smile back, "That was very nice of you to give up your house for someone who needs the help."

"What are you doing this weekend?" He asks. "Other than working Saturday night, nothing. Why?"

"You can take a couple of hours and help us move them into the house." He responds. "Okay. No problem. I can also see your house." I say. "I know that I don't ask much about you, but I'm just trying to avoid the headaches right now."

"I know. I don't say much about myself because of the same reason." I tell her. "One day, I will know all about you Samson." I threaten with a smile. He laughs and then gets serious all of a sudden, "When you got your memories from high school back, did you remember anything about your parents?"

"I don't. I thought with those memories, I would know what happened to my parents. But I don't. It gets so aggravating sometimes not remembering. I'm just trying to make the best of it. I really want answers and having amnesia isn't giving me any." He looks at me thoughtfully, "Have you eaten yet?" I shake my head.

"Let's order a pizza." He says. I nod in agreement. We have a pizza delivered and spend the rest of the evening eating pizza and watching television.

The rest of the week goes by pretty quickly. Samson moves everything he can in the apartment and then puts everything else in storage. I tell him that he can stay as long as he needs and he thanks me. Work has been pretty busy so the evenings are passing by pretty quickly.

We pull up to the house that the family who is moving into Samson's house in a moving van. Samson says that they don't need anything larger due to they don't have much to move. After all of the introductions are made and with all of us helping, it takes us thirty minutes to move their things into the van. Another thirty minutes to Samson's house and another hour to move things inside, decide where they want them and to unpack. Samson left some of his wife's clothes for Amy and Jane to go through. I'm sure there are a lot of maternity clothes for Jane to wear.

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