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Jungkook was the school's playboy, hopping around dorm rooms for only one night at a time. Everyone wanted to get in his pants, you could pretty easily, but you had to know what you were doing. No one had successfully made their way into his pant. But if you were lucky enough and he had his eyes on you, you'd be getting fucked, hard.

Jungkook never went easy. There were rumours that said he was a kinky little shit.

Yoongi was an Instagram celebrity. Girls would practically get fucked every time he posted a selca.

Yoongi quit high school in eleventh grade to pursue his dreams of doing absolutely nothing all day. However, when his parents found his Instagram account, he was kicked out. Having no money at all and unable to get a job as he hadn't graduated high school, he was being forced back into the school system.

What happens when the two players meet on Yoongi's first day back at school?

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