chapter 2

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Jades p.o.v 

Lunch time 

I sat on the round circular table during lunch not bothering to eat since I had to finish Perrie's report on the great depression. I don't know why I had to do everything for her though there are a lot of other smart people here but she didn't even seem to bother them. I just shook it off and looked up across from my empty table. I saw perrie and her "clique" chatting and laughing . Perrie looked flawless as ever. OK maybe I did envy her a little bit and maybe even wanted to be part of that group just to see how it felt like. As I thought of that I saw perrie lock eyes with me and give me an icy stare. That's what reminded me she completely hates my guts. I started scribbling down more sentences and snuck another glance at Perrie. I could see why everyone wanted her, her platinum blonde hair was perfect her body was perfect everything about her was perfect. Wait what? I did not just say that. And to add on to that her uncle was also the head master which meant she wouldn't even get in trouble just like how she and her clique get to wear skinny jeans converse and leather jackets while everyone else had to wear the shitty uniform the school gave us it just wasn't fair. 


Perrie's p.o.v  

I saw her from across of the lunch room writing my paper I didn't know why I was such a bitch to her it was just part of my human nature. But I couldn't deny one thing, the way her hair fell down her face made her look actually quite decent pretty even. Wait I shook my head I did not say that I hate her. I snapped out of my thoughts as zayn wrapped his arm around my shoulder "Ready to go to class babe?" I was so lost in looking at Jade that I forgot the bell even rang. "Um. Yeah sure " I gathered my things and hurried to my locker.  


Jade's p.o.v 

I knew I'd have to wait for Perrie to arrive to give her her paper so I did as I usually did wait by her locker. Then I heard her and Leigh-Anne laughing signaling they've arrived. I took in a sharp breath as I felt a cold hand grip my wrist their nails digging into my skin. "Do you have my homework geek?" I nodded grabbing it from my bag Perrie snatching it the second she saw it. "Good" she faked a smile letting my wrist go. I exhaled rubbing my wrist seeing the 3 scratch marks newly formed that will soon turn to bruises. "You know you should really do your homework I won't always be here for the rest of your life" I muttered quietly not knowing that Perrie could actually hear me. But she made her way down the hall again. Her heels clicked back towards me and my palms began sweating as she yanked my tie causing the air to momentairly stop in my throat as she brought me to face her "You will do what ever I tell you or I will kick your sorry ass 10 times harder then I already do OK" She narrowed her eyes at me waiting for me but all I could manage was a little head nod. "Good" she shoved me back into a locker snarling at me before she left back to class 


"What the hell is this did you rig my paper?!?!" Perrie yelled smashing the paper into my shoulder causing me to stumble back "I got a bloody 50% out of a 100 what did you do !!!!!" She grabbed the back of my head grabbing onto my hair again. OK maybe I did mess up her paper I was just trying to prove that I couldn't always help her. Her blue eyes set on my face as she clenched my hair even tighter that a tear escaped my eye "Did you or did you not ?!?!?!" She yanked on my hair again a whimper escaping and for some unknown reason I told the truth!! "Yes I did." She smirked and I knew what was coming as she grabbed my hair dragging me to the girls room as Leigh-Anne shoved open a stall Perrie kicked my legs causing me to fall on my knees facing the toilet seat. She wrapped one arm around my waist going over both my arms so I couldn't move. While the other was on the back of my neck. "I promised you that I would hurt you even more than last time I'll show you what happens when you try to fuck around and act smart with me" She said in my ear and before I knew it my head was in the toilet bowl. Not long after that I could feel my body begging for me to just take a breath. But I couldn't other wise I'd choke on the water. I breathed outwards bubbles forming on the top of the water and Perrie seemed to get the hint as I could feel lungs about to give out she yanked my hair back I gasped in as much air as my body would let me Perrie proping me up on the stalls wall by my collar "Hint of advice next time don't try being a smart arse" She growled throwing a punch at my nose. Feeling the pain go through my nose a liquid started coming down obviously my blood. Perrie let go of me and I grabbed my nose feeling the blood drip onto my hands "You should get used to this type of punishment now. " perrie snarled in my ear and shoving me one last time before leaving me alone in the stall. 

Soon after that someone came in the bathroom and I slumped down on the floor of the bathroom expecting to see Leigh-Anne or Perrie but instead I heard another familiar voice Jesy Nelson one of the only friends I probably had in this school "Jade?" she asked helping me up by grabbing my elbow "Oh my God look at you it was Perrie wasnt it?" I just nodded as tears slipped down the side of my face she took me to the sink to wash up dabbing on the now dry blood with a wet paper towel. "I'm gonna fucking kill her" I heard her say between gritted teeth "No your not Jesy but thanks for the effort." I gave her a weak smile and got off the counter top to dry my hair and looked at myself I was a complete mess my hair was frizzy my uniform had blood on it and I probably smelled like crap. "Why me just why me ? I don't know what I did to her or anyone honestly " I told Jesy as tears streamed down my face she pulled me in a hug "Jade you did nothing Perrie just has some problems." she stroked my hair and said "Come on" I'm glad I have Jesy shes like my rock she used to get bullied too because of her weight even though her figure has always been and always will be perfect to me. She came back last summer losing a ton of weight which made Perrie shut her mouth about her since she couldn't say she was ugly because she looked beautiful with her straightened brown hair that went farther down her shoulders and greenish hazelish eyes she was like my role model she could stand up for herself something that even if I attempted to do would just get beat up even more it was always a loose loose situation for me "one day Jade they'll see just how perfect you are and they'll stop I promise" I faked a smile and whispered so only I could hear "I'm not perfect Jesy and I never will be" 


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