Deadly Affairs- Chapter 17

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“You get one call.” The security guard said to me as he opened the holding cell. They were still going through the process of booking me so I wasn’t actually with any criminals. I got up and walked out following behind him as he took me to use the phone. Once he took me into the room and left out I quickly called Mike. As the phone rang they made me say my name so he would know it was a call from jail and soon after he answered.

“You’re in jail?!” He exclaimed.

“Look, we won’t be able to hang out today so you should just head home. I’m most likely gonna be here for a while and don’t come to see me I don’t want visitors.” I said calmly.

“Vic, what the fuck?! Why are you in jail, is it-“

“Mike, I need you to shut up and do what I say. I’m not going to be able to hang out so there is no point of you staying in town. I think you should go home and when I get out because I will get out; they will see I did nothing wrong and release me then I will come to see you. I don’t want you to say anything else but okay, no need for dramatic effect.” I said.

“Okay.” He said hesitantly. I needed to make sure that Mike was out of town and couldn’t be implicated with this because I don’t know what Kellin told them and I didn’t want to think about it or Kellin for that matter. I knew that jail phones were monitored and if Mike and I talked about it they would’ve known he knew and had a part in it and I can’t let my brother go to jail just because I was an idiot who trusted some guy to actually truly love me. I hung up the phone and knocked on the glass window signaling to the guard I was done. After that they took my picture, made me take off my clothes to change into the usual jail attire, and took my finger prints.   The guard led me into a cell with a scrawny guy who looked like an addict. The guard slammed the door shut and left.

“Hey.” They guy said sitting up.

“Hey.” I said back.

“First time in?” He asked.

“Yeah, how long have you been in here?” I asked.

“About a year.”

“For what?” I asked.

“Armed robbery.” He said. I was kind of relieved that he wasn’t in for something more serious because I didn’t feel like dealing with some jackass psycho while I was here. I climbed up on the top bunk and tried to get settled until the cops came back to question me some more.

“What are you in for?” He asked.

“Suspicion.” I said.

“Of what?” he asked.

“Murder.” I rested my head on the pillow and he didn’t say anything after that.


                These past two days have been pretty boring. Detective Hotch and Walker have been trying to get me to confess but I just keep being a smart ass so when they see they’re getting nowhere they take me back to my cell and do the same thing the next day. I was getting ready to lay down for my afternoon nap when the security guard came and opened the door.

“Fuentes, you have someone here to see you.” He said. I looked up at him confused because I didn’t know who it could be and then Mike instantly popped in my head. I quickly got up and walked with him. He couldn’t be here, Kellin probably told the detectives about him and if they see him they will probably try to charge him with something as well. I just need to get him out of here as fast as possible. He took me into this little room that led to another door.

“He’s waiting inside there.” He said then stood there waiting outside the door. I walked in and froze instantly when I saw Kellin sitting there and not Mike. I slowly walked to him and sat down in the chair across for him at the table, just staring at him with this blank expression.

“Vic, I’m sorry but I had to tell it was the right thing to do.” He immediately said.

“Why are you here if you think I did it?” I asked bluntly.

“Because I love you and I shouldn’t because you killed someone but my heart loves you and it’s killing me. I didn’t want to tell but you would’ve done the same if you were in my shoes.” He said.

“No, I wouldn’t because unlike you when I say I love someone that means I would do anything for them even if I think they’re wrong.” I said.

“I want to help you, they want to help you, They said they can help you. You just need to get help for your anger and your mental status. They can put you in a mental facility for a couple years and help you. All we want to do is help, Vic; Me, Detective Hotch, and Detective Walker.” He pleaded a little.

“That’s what they said? That they want to help? Well why the fuck am I in jail if they want to help? Why aren’t I in a mental facility? Why am I sharing a cell with a guy who held up a bank with a gun and a knife? Does that seem like helping to you?” I was getting upset because he was acting so naïve, how could he be so naïve? Can’t he see they’re just using him?

“They can’t help you if you don’t admit to it, you have to admit it.” He said.

“Are you really that dumb? They don’t want to help me they just want to lock me up and get another win under their belt.” I raised my voice a little.

“No, it just seems like that but they told me they want to help you get better. Once you admit it they can start to help you.”

“I didn’t do it!” I yelled, lying through my teeth.

“Vic, I found a bag of tools outside my house in a bush. They look exactly like the ones in your closet. You needed them close to you when you spent the night over my house that one time, I know you did. It’s an obsession and you rely on them. It’s one thing to just have them but when you finally act out on killing someone with them then you need help and this was your first time you can still be saved from turning into a monster.” He said in this begging tone. I chuckled a little at his ‘monster’ comment.

“A monster, huh? Well maybe this monster should’ve killed you when he had the chance because if I would’ve known you were gonna turn your back on me I wouldn’t even have thought twice about saving your life let alone sparing it.” I got up from the table and walked away. When I got to the door, I looked back at him and his mouth was wide open in shock. I immediately regretted saying it, I just wanted to make him hurt as much as he was making me hurt for turning me in but now that I did it I wanted to take it back.

“Your time is up.” The guard said opening the door. I followed him back to my cell and replayed what I just said to Kellin in my head over and over again. The more I did the more I hated myself and wish I could just call him to make this right but the reality of the situation is I can’t make this right. 

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