Author's Note

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Hi, my name's Jeanine! Welcome to the Lair Of Beasts! (Not Lair Of Breasts 😜) Highest rank in Werewolf: #1 🍾🎉🇿🇦

[Warning: Before you read, understand that this is a slow burn. The first couple of chapters (especially the initial chapters) are perhaps a bit confusing at first (and, I admit, verbose), but don't be disheartened ... It'll make sense pretty quickly. I hope. This novel was my first attempt EVER at being a novelist, so don't expect anything polished or perfect. If you're not enjoying this by the end of Chapter Five (Nørrdragor Castle) then I've failed to grab your attention altogether, in which case I apologize and au revoir.]

Let me also point out *gasp* that this book is FICTION ... so treat it as such and try not to get too technical with the critiquing—I know it is horribly flawed, but it's a first draft and I don't intend to fix anything here. Which is why it's free, and will remain so, and if you don't like it then feel free to go find something else more gratifying.

To get you in the mood, here's a bit of creepy Enya. I give you Pax Deorum, a remixed version (dare you not to love it):

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