Chapter 2: "The Job of a High School Host."

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Haruhi felt her gut sink as she heard the bells ringing from outside the library. She was going to be late for the host club.....again. She shut her notebook and packed everything up quickly before jogging down the halls of Ouran. "I'm never going to hear the end of it if I show up late again." She said, quickly turning the corner. Unfortunately she wasn't paying attention to her surroundings and ran head first into someone, they both fell over, papers flying everywhere like an explosion. "uggh." Haruhi said slowly sitting up. She looked over at the other person and saw a boy laying face down on the ground, holding his nose as a little trickle of blood went down his chin. "Oh No! I'm so sorry! I was running late for my club and I wasn't paying attention." Haruhi said quickly helping the boy up. It's fine really! I wasn't either, that's what I get for wearing headphones all the time." He said pulling them out of his ears. He pushed his glasses up with his free hand and looked around at all the scattered paper. "Here! let me help you get all this. You don't want any blood on it." Haruhi said getting on her knees and picking up the paper. "Oh no, I feel bad that your doing all the work when it was partly my fault too." The boy said, she noticed that his voice was a bit muffled from his hand as he helped her pick up everything. She took a few quick seconds to look the boy up and down. He was wearing glasses, his hair was jet black but his eyes were a bright blue. She looked down at the sheets they were picking up and saw that all of his were music sheets. Some had writing on them while others were laminated. "Here! let me take you to my club, we have a first aid kit in their that has everything the nurses station does...and I know a person who is used to treating wounds." She said thinking of Mori, he got injured so much with his training he was patching up cuts all the time in the host club. (Plus if she took this guy with her she could have an alibi for shy she was now late and hopefully the twins wouldn't pester her) The boy agreed, though with a bit of uncertainty and Haruhi took his hand. Guiding him to the host club.

-Host Club-

"What is this?" Kosei asked, still holding his bloody nose as Haruhi opened the door. "What the-" he said taking a step back. The whole room had been turned into some kind of tropical paradise. I looked over at the lizard climbing up one of the trees and jumped back. "welcome."  We both turned to see the other members of the host club all dressed in tropical outfits. Haruhi looked at the hosts with an annoyed scowl. "So this is the host club." I said looking at them. "Why yes we are. So you have heard of us." The blonde guy said walking up to us. "Y-yea. All the girls in my class talk about you guys." I said around my hand. "what happened to you? Haruhi didn't get mad and punch you right in the nose did he?" The twins asked, talking at the same time walking up to me. "Uh, it wasn't his fault." I said looking at him. "His right, we both ran into each other and he banged his nose on the ground. I was hoping that Mori could look at it....that's why I'm so late today." Haruhi said looking at Mori, then to Tamaki. Mori didn't say anything, but he stood up from his seat and walked over to Kosei and man handled him into a chair. "So, whats your name?" Honey asked walking up to Kosei. "Oh gosh, I didn't even ask your name! I'm sorry." Haruhi said looking over at the three. "It's fine. My name is, Arima, Kosei." I said looking to them . "I guess you already know our names, since the girls in your class talk about us and all." Kyoya said looking over at the boy for the first time. "f-for the most part yes....but I'm sorry I don't know your name." He said pointing to Tamaki. A bolt of lighting stuck the king and he jumped into the corner of the room. "You know all of us but him? How odd." Honey said tilting his head to the side. "Done." Mori said standing up. I touched my nose where the bandages were now and thanked him. "It was the least we could do. I'm sorry for running into you again." Haruhi said again. "I'm fine really." Kosei said forgiving him again. "It would have been rather unfortunate if you had hurt one of your hand Kosei, Haruhi is lucky today." Kyoya said walking up to him. "How come?" The twins asked standing to each side of the boy, suddenly curious. "He is Ouran's first scholarship student for the music program this school is starting...This is Arima, Kosei. Piano child prodigy. Practically famous in the music world." Kosei blushed and looked away from the guy with glasses. "So your the piano prodigy my father was so excited about." Tamaki said jumping out of his sad corner and running to Kosei. "Your just like our Haruhi! A commoner pulling himself out of the dirt and making a name for himself! I'm so honored to meet you!" Kosei looked both offended and flustered as Tamaki wrapped himself around the boy in a tight hug. "Let the poor boy go boss!" the twins said throwing the 'king' of Kosei. ", I'm going to go ahead and go. Thank you for helping me with my nose." He said bowing to Mori and Haruhi before making his way to the door. "Are you sure that you don't want to stay for a bit? We have a very nice grand piano that you might like to try out." Tamaki said walking up to the boy. "Um, no thank you....I should get going to my lessons for the evening." He said, pushing up his glasses before exiting the host club. The rest of the hosts went along their business, getting ready for the guests. Haruhi noticed that Tamaki was standing at the door where Kosei had exited and walked up to him. "You alright?" She asked. Tamaki seemed to jump out of a deep though and turned to her. "I'm just fine....but I don't think that is the last we will see of our dear Kosei." He said before walking over to the other hosts. Haruhi rolled her eyes. Tamaki just had to find someone else to pick on didn't he? 

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