Chapter 27

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Cameron's POV
She looked so peaceful when she was asleep. Thank god stupid Rachel didn't ruin my chances. I haven't seen her since I adopted Madison that night. Shit I need to FaceTime Madison. I pulled out my phone and put my headphones in before face timing her.
"Hey Mads, how are you baby girl?" I said.
"Well I'm mad that you didn't FaceTime me like you promised... And now you woke me up so that's that", she said in a tired voice.
"I'm sorry it's just I met someone amazi- never mind", I cut myself off. By now she was smirking at me.
"You wanna finish that sentence for me?" She asked me while sitting up. I shook my head and she continued.
"So when do I meet her?" She asked me, ignoring my head shake.
"When I get her", I answered.
"How is it so far there? Are they giving you everything I said to give you? Are they nice? Do you need to leave? Want me to come? Here I'll schedule a flight for tomor-", I started to rant and felt worried.
"Dad just stop, I'm fine so far and it's actually helping", she said cutting me off. I let out a sigh and smiled at her.
"I miss you so much and can't believe you convinced me to leave while your in rehab", I said and looked down.
"You need to stop with your problems so I can come back and get your hug I was missing", I continued and looked at her sternly.
"I'm getting there", she sighed.
Suddenly one of my headphones was taken out of my ear and Katherine mumbled,"What are you doing?".
Madison started to giggled and I failed at trying not to smirk. Katherine's face lit up and she looked at the screen and said,"Are you thee Madison I have heard about?"
Madison's face dropped as she asked,"Uh oh, what have you heard about me?" nervously. I chuckled and Katherine smiled her cute smile.
"I heard that you are this one's precious daughter", she said while picking my cheeks. She just went from no chill to mom mode in a few seconds.
"Are you thee girl I hear about?" Madison asked with a smirk. I glared at her and I hung up the facetime while putting away my phone.
"Am I?" Katherine asked me with a smirk and I blushed before getting up to make some coffee.
I saw in the middle of making eggs when I heard a chair slide and turned around to see Kat laughing at my laptop.
"What do you think your doing?" I asked her. She didn't look up but still answered my question.
"Listening to the story of how you got arrested while Madison was at school because you were playing paint twister inside your apartment. I love your daughter, Cam... She's so funny", she said as her eyes glowed.
"I love her too", I cheesed.
"I love me too", Madison jumped in and we all chuckled as I put the fried eggs on two plates.
"Mmmmm, let's talk again some other time but right now, food is calling my name", Kat stated as they hung up and I passed her a cup of coffee. Her face was glowing and I sat across from her as she stared at me, sideways while smiling.
"What?" I asked her after a while. She just smiled as her mom walked in.
"Are you a magician? Not only do you have her smiling, but glowing too? Teach me your ways", she said and walked away to the laundry room.
Kat looked down at her eggs and poked it with her fork before randomly saying,"Yes".
"What?", I asked with a confused look and walked up so I was standing beside her.
"The answer is yes", she continued and I started to smile. I took a step closer to her and she stood up.
"Are you saying yes to 'us' even though I didn't ask yet?" I asked suspiciously.
"Yes", she repeated and I hugged her really tight. It was kinda a 'in the moment' moment.
"Damn Jack, back at it again with walking into their 'hugs'", Jack G said while walking into the kitchen and stealing my toast. Jack J walked in right behind him and grabbed Kat's toast before they stood beside eachother.
"We'll leave you guys to enjoy your 'moments'", Jack J said and wiggling his eyebrows before they both walked out.
"Your so beau-" I started to say until Shawn walked in with a blanket around his whole body except his face.
"Ughhhhhhhh, first I deal with this when I wanted to sleep, and now when I need food", he started to rant as he walked up the stairs. We chuckled and we're once again, interrupted by the Jack's rushing into the kitchen.
"Forgot these", they said while grabbing our plates of eggs and running out.
"Well there goes our breakfast", Katherine mumbled before we heard a snap. We turned our heads and her mom was standing there with a camera in her hand.
"Oops, sorry. You guys are just so cute", she said in a jittery voice.
"Let's just go get breakfast", I suggested and grabbed my keys as we rushed out.
We were now sitting in Starbucks eating breakfast and having a normal conversation.
"How does nobody in school like you?" I asked in shock.
"It's the whole rich title--it gets to their heads before my personality could", she replied with a bit disappointment.
"Well that's to bad for them because now I can have more time with you", I replied and she chuckled.
"Soo", she mumbled. I looked up as in telling her to continue on.
"Why didn't you bring Madison with you on this whole tour?" She asked me with curiousity. I know eventually I will have to tell her so I should just get it off my chest.
(A/N: If you guys want to know more about Katherine before reading this, then go read chapter 1 of 'Company' [you'll be less confused in you do])
Katherine's POV
He sat up and put his hand through his hair before grabbing his keys.
"Let's go somewhere that nobody can hear because it's too personal for Mads, and I don't want to see it on the news", he told me and I followed.
"Let's go back to my house", I suggested and he just nodded. His whole mood and expression changed after I asked him, and now I'm getting a feeling I shouldn't of asked that question. The car stopped and he got out before running to my door and opening it. My heart did a little flip at how kind he was and he stuck his hand out for me. I took it and he lead through the house and to my room.
We both sat down beside eachother on the bed with our backs to the headboard.
(A/N: If you read my other book then skip this part if you know everything about Madison)
"Her name wasn't always Madison", he started and I looked over at him. He was just staring ahead with a little hurt in his eyes and a spark at the same time.
"She changed it before this whole tour because of an incident that happened a couple months ago while we were in New York. We were at a hotel sleeping, when I was waken up by a phone call. I was told that my only sister was in the hospital along with her boyfriend because someone broke into their house and tried to rob them. She was in a coma, he was on life support. Madison woke up and asked what was happening so I told her. She has panic anxiety which caused her to start breathing hard and she got up and ran out the room. She did that often so I waited for her to come back, but she was taking so long. I was texting her and the TV was on when I pit the voice up. The announcer wad saying how two people escaped from jail a few days ago and showed the pictures after saying their names. Those two people were her parents. I left a voicemail for her, telling her to get back because her parents are probably looking for her. I kept on calling her as I drove around the city looking for her. I texted her one more time and mentioned her parents. I started to calm down when I saw she read it, but then heard a car skid. I looked up and saw I was in an alley way so I got out the car. Her muffled screams started to fill my ears and I looked everywhere for her. I shouted her name and she didn't hear me no matter how much louder I got. And then I heard her parents voices and my heart just collapsed; I felt my world stumbling to the end", he said while sobbing. I grabbed his hand and he continued,"She was found months later by Jacob's cousin, Madison. She was walking there and saw Madison some how so she called the police before going there. When we all got there though, she was found lifeless in a hallway. After we took my girl to the hospital and we're driving back, she told me and Jack that she wants to change her name to Madison in Honor of her, and because she wants to forget the name her 'parents' gave her. She said that its too haunting for her", he said while wiping his tears.
He sat up before taking a breath.
"She had a cutting problem before she was kidnapped, but it stopped. Some time when she got back, I didn't know but it started again except worse. I walked into her room one morning when she was rage fitting, because I heard her mirror shatter. I ran in and saw his sobbing on her closet floor with more cuts on her wrist. She eventually told me that she missed her brother who is now dead which is another story. And then a couple days later, a box of blades showed up to my house under her name. I just kept long to myself and saying she will get better eventually. That's not the only time because when we were in Toronto recording her song, I found some more cuts on the plane there. I called my mom while we were at the hotel and just broke down while telling her hie horrible I am at this whole 'dad' thing. She told me for the hundredth time that I need to take her to rehab, but this time I agreed. Me and Madison talked and she said she will go if I go on tour with everyone. And now she is at rehab while I'm here, pretending to enjoy this tour even though I'm not", he sighed. All the emotion was drained out of him by now which broke me. I got up and hugged him, which he accepted and hugged back tightly.

"Only Jack and Jacob know the whole story so let's keep it that way", he whispered to me. I nodded and he tried to change the subject.
"So how does Shawn still live in the same place as you if you move alot?" He asked me and I chuckled.
"Whenever I move, his family tags along because our dads are work partners", I explained.
"Wow", he said in shock. I chuckled and nodded my head.
"You guys want to watch The Fifth Wave with us or do you have other plans?" Jacob popped his head through the door and said with a smirk.
"You want me to tell your mom about your dirty mind?" Cameron replied and he rushed out.
"I'm gonna go change", he said before getting up and kissing my cheek. He jogged out and I blushed before getting up myself.

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