Chapter One Hundred Thirty Nine

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"Have you told your family yet, Charlie?" Simone asked as the four of them sat at the dinner table shortly after the announcement. Anora pushed her plate away from her as she caught sight of the pasta presented to her.

Charlie quickly arose and grabbed the plate off the table before covering everyone's plate with napkins.

"Uh, no I haven't actually." Charlie said. "I thought it would be best to tell them in person, you know? I know my mum would kill me if she found out otherwise."

"Oh I see." Simone smiled. "I understand. I'm just so glad we're the first to know."

"Not trying to be rude or interrupt the conversation," Gerald interjected, " but there is a napkin over my pasta and there has been no explanation as to why."

"Anora can't stand the sight or taste of it." Charlie told the man.

"Oh sweetheart! I'm sorry!" Gerald said grabbing at his hair. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because if I opened my mouth I was for sure going to vomit." Anora admitted. "I'm over the morning sickness but I still can't stomach even the sight of the stuff."

"Well, here why don't I go whip something else for you in the kitchen?"

"It's okay, Dad." Anora said standing up. "I can fix something for myself."


"I'm pregnant not useless." Anora told him. "I can manage thank you very much. "

"I would say that was the hormones kicking in," Gerald said after Anora left the room, " but I know for a fact that, that is full on just Anora talking."

"Have you two thought about leaving the sanctuary and actually staying home? At least for the duration of the pregnancy?" Simone asked.

Charlie scratched the side of his face. "We've discussed it."

"And?" Simone said with a hopeful face.

"I think we have a better chance of teaching the dragons to play quidditch than convincing Anora to remain home. She doesn't want to, no matter what I say."

"It's dangerous enough as it is, but it's even more dangerous with an unborn child involved. What if something happens?"

"Anora is fully convinced nothing of the sort will happen. "

"But it's dragons we're talking about, they are highly unpredictable beasts and they're extremely aggressive! It's best to have the least amount of stress on the body during a pregnancy, her body is already going through the stress of providing for another life." Simone worried greatly for her daughter and the unborn child.

"As much as I want her to take it easy...I can't stop her.  Besides the dragons that Anora works with aren't going to hurt her."

"You can't be sure-" Gerald went to argue but Charlie stopped him.

"I can be. Roscoe and Norberta have become quite protective over her since it was discovered she was pregnant. I think they even knew before we did. Especially Roscoe, he won't even let another dragon look in her direction. He's become her bodyguard and who serves as a better bodyguard than a dragon? And besides Roscoe, I'm right there and I'm not going to let any harm come to Anora...ever. I'd protect her until my last breath and I will do the same for my child. Our child."

That evening as Charlie sat on the edge of Anora's bed, he saw Iggy come into the room quietly and head over to the window seat where he normally slept. He heard Anora come into the room from her bathroom cursing up a storm.

"What did you end up doing now?" he chuckled as she walked over and sat beside him.

"I have the worst hangnail right hurts like a motherf-"

"Let me see." he said taking her hand.

"No, don't touch it!" she hissed trying to jerk her hand back but Charlie's hold was firm. 

"Oh stop it, look it's not even that bad."

"It hurts!"

"Is this coming from the same woman who gets hit by dragons on a daily basis and shrugs it off, but a tiny little hangnail is causing you this much pain?"

"I feel like you're mocking me, Charles."

"I might be." he smiled at her.

"You're really lucky my hand hurts from this thing or I'd punch you."

"You have another hand, Anora."

"I know...but this is my good punching hand." she said holding up the hand with the pained thumb.

"My poor An." he said kissing the top of her thumb. "Let me get my wand and I'll see what I can do for you."

"Hurry, I think I can see the light."

After the painful hangnail was removed from her thumb, Anora laid in her bed with Charlie beside her holding her hand in his and running his thumb over the top of her hand.

"Do you think we'll have a boy or a girl?" Charlie asked her as he rested his head against hers, growing tired.

"I don't know." Anora said placing her other hand over her stomach. "Although, I don't really care, they're going to be awesome regardless of what they are."

"That's very true. But I kinda want a girl." Charlie admitted to her.

She moved her head to look at him. "Really?"

He nodded.


"Because I'm sure she would turn out just like you...but I wouldn't mind having a boy either...or a dragon."

"Gah! Stop saying that, it keeps giving me really weird dreams! Last night I dreamt that I was a dragon...I ate a sheep."

"You ate a sheep."

"Yeah, and it was so damn tasty too."

"You need to get some sleep, Anora."

"I I can go get more sheep."

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