Author's Afterword

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The genesis of No Life to Lose was a story that I wrote in high school. I submitted it to a Toronto Star contest and was emotionally crushed not to merit even an honorable mention. In retrospect, I understand exactly why (aside from how poorly written it may have been). The idea was much too big for a seven page story. Actually, it was almost too big for this novel. Doing it justice was hard.

...Assuming that I did do it justice.

A word about myself: I started off writing purely for my own sake. Over the years, that attitude has shifted, becoming more akin to Casey Carter's attitude toward song. Writing is now a way for me to leave something behind. When I look back on this life, I would love to say that something I've written helped someone, as the writing of others has helped me.

Stephen King believes a story to be a collaborative journey: a journey taken by reader and writer together. To you, the reader, for coming this far with me ... thank you.

I hope we can meet again, for another trip.

Michael J. Riedstra
June, 2013

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