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Casey Carter, Pakistan Travelblog (handwritten edition)

Hello PrezBro! And all gang and crew and homies! I'm doing good. I wanted to call but there's spots where I get no signal for days so I'm writing and sending this old school, can you believe?

A concert in the desert is crazy hard, man, ca-raaaaay-zeee hard. Sand here, sand there, sand where sand is seriously do-not-WANT. Ever wake up and there was sand all up in your—like, never mind. Gross. But it's cool on stage when it's wind all over and the crowd's all singing and I can't even hear myself and I keep going. This is the second craziest thing I ever got into.

Two more shows and then the whole crew's doing volunteer stuff down in, uh, some place I can't pronounce or spell and like, not gonna try. But I'll be back in the Big Apple in August (the month, not the Evans. Oh crap, Donald joke!! Major fail!!). Still can't believe I live there—well, 'cause I haven't slept in my own apartment since like ever, but this time I'll hang a bit. I miss you guys. I miss you Prez.

How do I end a letter, let's see. Okay, it's the end! Love you guys.

Casey L. Carter
Stars and Dreams Peace Movement

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