Chapter 7

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Elena's POV
She was clearly taken by surprise, and for a minute, I'm not sure that she would kiss back, but then her hands were in my hair and I found myself pulled closer towards in, nearly into her lap.

I smiled against her lips, and pulled away just for a moment so I could see her face.

She looked at me from beneath her eyelashes, and I finally saw the Katherine I knew and loved as her lips curved into that classic smirk and she grabbed my arms, pulling me closer and kissing me again, and I almost couldn't get over the fact that I was sitting on my hallway floor making out with Katherine Pierce.

But just as the kiss deepened and Katherine had started grabbing at my shirt, I could hear the distant sound of the doorbell ringing.

Sighing, I pulled myself off of Katherine and onto the floor beside her. We were both breathing heavily.

"Just ignore it." Katherine said breathlessly, reaching towards me again.

I pushed her off of me and stooge smoothing my slightly wrinkled shirt.

"It's impolite." I replied as I made my way downstairs.

I could hear her laugh as I walked over to the door. I knew exactly what she was thinking. Even as a vampire, Elena never changes.

I opened the door and immediately panicked. Damon and Stefan stood at the door looking extremely worried.

"God, guys, I'm sorry!" I said, mentally slapping myself.

Of course, I had forgotten to tell them that I wasn't sleeping at the Salvatore house for the night. They must have woken up and found me gone and assumed the worst.

"Why did you come home?" Stefan asked, looking around me to the inside of the house, as if he expected to see some guy there.

If only he knew just who was here.

I shook my head, desperately trying to come up with an excuse.

"Uh, I guess I wanted to just be home. I felt more, uh, comfortable here. And I just forgot to tell you. I'm so sorry." I giggled nervously, knowing that Katherine was listening to my every word upstairs.

They seemed fine with my answer, but their faces remained grave.

"What's wrong?" I asked, reading the obvious worry in their faces.

The brothers exchanged glances.

"We didn't want to tell you so soon, right after you turned your humanity back on, but we don't want you to be caught unawares." Stefan started slowly, again exchanging a glance with Damon by his side.

Instead of letting Stefan continue, Damon rolled his eyes and cut into Stefan's slow paced wording.

"There's a new evil that's coming to Mystic Falls."

Stefan glared at him, but Damon kept a close eye on my reaction.

I couldn't say I was surprised. New evil came to Mystic Falls all the time. The place was practically crawling with supernatural evil.

"So? We just get together everyone and find a way to kill the thing. Simple."

"Careful, they can see your Katherine coming through." said a soft voice behind me, and I whirled around before realizing that Katherine had tapped into my new vampire hearing to talk to me.

I turned back around to face the Salvatores.

"Sorry, thought I heard something. But that's all we do, right? We've done it a ton."

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