Interlude 5

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Interlude 5

"Sweet Jesus, why wasn't I told right away?"

"Seems no one noticed."

"How in the hell could no one notice?"

"Best guess at this point is that the resource surpassed its containment protocol and suppressed the notification system."

"Again, in fucking English."

"The AI went rogue."

"I was told over and over that it's impossible for that to happen."

"Apparently, we were wrong. The important thing now is dealing with the situation."

"And how do you propose we do that?"

"Establish communication. All we have is one message, sent from inside the firewall, stating that you are to come in person to meet with the resource."

"...In person? Me? How the hell do I meet a computer in person?"

"Log in to the game. We have a unit here in the building."

"Is that safe?"

"There are a million people trapped inside, and UCC says not to unplug them for 'liability' reasons. No, it probably isn't safe."

"Then I won't fucking do it."

"The message stated that if you don't, the resource will contact the President and order him to come instead."

"It will order the President?"

"So it claims."

"Jesus. Let me think."


"Okay, I'm coming."

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