Chapter 2

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Chapter 2- Nightmares

Walking behind the bar, my jaw was clenched and my face blank. I had on a tight black skirt, a thin white tee, and a small black unbuttoned waist coat. Time for bar duty. This; I could do all night. I hated working on the stage, loathed it. but in half an hour, I had made around £200. And being due to go on in another hour, I could double it. I didn't make a third of that money working the bar but it was easy, and I didn't have to be so smiley. And no one saw parts of me that I wasn't comfortable with. 

4 and a half agonizing hours later, I was back in my car, with my head pressed against the wheel. I took long deep breaths and cleared my head completely. Then there they were again.

Piercing golden eyes.

I had memorized every detail of them. Their size, width, colour, the flecks of green surrounding the outside, near a deeper green surrounding the edge, then an odd, strange colour of yellow surrounding the pupil. giving the eyes a glow I'd never before seen. This happened a lot, unintentionally seeing the eyes- if i cleared my head they'd always come back. I couldn't tell if it was haunting or- mystifying. Either way, I couldn't forget about them.

Lifting my head again I turned the keys and backed out of the car park. Street lights rushed passed in a blur, my mind was completely clear, only focusing on getting home. A yawn escaped my mouth and I ran a hand through my hair. Suddenly I heard a screech and the blare of a car horn. Both hands gripped the wheel and I slammed the brakes as a huge black SUV skidded past and around the corner. Sweat had formed and my heart was slamming and tripping, my throat felt clogged and I was dizzy. Slowly, catching my breath, I pressed down onto the accelerate pedal and my car started forwards again. I felt sick in the stomach. I shook my head quickly, dismissing it, and went straight home. 

 I sneaked in again, it was late and everyone was asleep as usual. I somehow managed it silently up the creaking stairs, I'd learned where and where not to step from the many times I've had to be quiet.. Closing my door behind me I sighed in relief. Then jumped when the bed covers moved. 

"Emma..?" I turned and saw Alice sat up in my bed rubbing her eyes, "What are you doing...?" She asked sleepily.

 I walked over to her, "Oh, Alice what are you doing in here? This isn't your room silly." I whispered to her, sitting down on the bed and taking off my shoes. 

"I know," She yawned, "but I had a nightmare , and,  I wanted to come in here, because, because you could protect me" She snuggled against me and I smiled. Alice was everything to me at the moment, she was what made me do what I had to. If I couldn't take care of her, I couldn't do anything and anything wasn't worth doing. She's my hope. I brushed down hair messy hair and laid her back down, "Do I have to go back to my room?" She asked almost inaudibly, I leaned towards her and tucked the hair behind her ears.

"No, you can stay, but only tonight" I teased, knowing that it was said every time she was here. I stood to undress, Alice's eyes already being closed I slipped into my over sized checkered p.j. shirt. I got in next to Alice and pulled the duvet up and tucked it around her. 

 I took a deep breath, tried to clear my mind and let sleep just, take over. But of course, not before I saw the golden eyes again.


I ran, my legs stiff beneath me, tears streaming like always. No matter how many times I run through this forest I can never find my way out. It's like a maze, full of bends and deep ends. Sticks snapped from every direction, some I made by myself. My head was constantly whipping up as owls hooted from above. There are things out here I know to run from, things I know I shouldn't be near. They give me the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and my heart will thump so loud its the only thing I can hear. Then I could feel it coming, like it always is, the trip that ends my dream. I kept my eyes on the floor, I had no choice but to run forwards, I did everything I could to keep balance and stay upright- but it wasn't happening. Before I knew it my foot was caught and my hands were outstretched to catch my falling weight. I scrambled to get up but my ankle was twisted and any pressure was just pure agony. I would never be able to out run these people now. I sat upright against the closest tree and scanned my surroundings. Dark shapes lurked, silhouettes of people stepping closer. Then the men stepped out from the shadows and I saw his face again. His dark tan skin, his hair jet black- eyes a glowing grey I never knew was possible. His build was one of great strength- one arm the size of my waist, muscles bulging through the dark shirt he wore. His feet, covered with large heavy boots stood apart, leather trousers followed suit. He folded his great arms over his chest and scowled down at me. 

"Oh how you must always run Dear Emma, yet you know deep down you've already been caught."  His voice was laced with a rich accent, Italian, I presume. It gave me shivers and the sick feeling in my stomach grew. My eyes flipped to his and I felt like cowering away, bowing to him and doing whatever he asks of me. I shuffled myself awkwardly so I was sat higher, my hands gripping the grass beneath me in fists. I'd never felt so much hatred for a man I've never met, a stranger, but I know there could be no good found in him. Plus I knew, from repeatedly dreaming the same scene over and over, what was come to come next. "You must know sweet Emma what I am to do now. It is inevitable don't you think?" His voice was teasing. Full of evil. A snap of his fingers and forward came one of his many followers, and in his hand, was Alice. 

Tears were streaming down her face, she screamed for me, but I couldn't hear it, I tried desperately to answer her, tried desperately to get up. Both failed miserably. Anger boiled inside me and I snapped wildly at the man before me. 

"Why do you have her? What use is she to you? Take me if you want me but she doesn't need any of this. She's just innocent- I'm the one I know you want!" My eye brows furrowed, eyes narrowed, and nose curled up. I snarled at the man- an animal sound I was unaware I could make. Again a snap of the fingers and Alice was getting further and further away. The man looked from me to her and back to me again, I held his eyes.

"Dispose of the girl. Painfully. Oh and, prepare the chains for this one, I have special plans." Then he turned to me and smiled, a smile that haunted me, a smile that I wouldn't escape. A smile that sealed my doom. 

I screamed. 

Sitting up in bed I panted. I choked on air and tears stung my eyes, the only time I willingly cried my heart out was now. When I woke from the dream. When I searched the room Alice was no where in sight and I became frantic. Running from the bed and out into the hallway I slammed myself against her door opening it, there she was, sat at her daisy desk colouring. I laughed exhausted, she was always okay, always, a dream can't take her from me. She would always be okay. I sighed happily and walked back to my room, I got the confused look from Alice but she never questions, she's too used to it. Every night I have the dream. Every morning i'm sick and terrified. 


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