There was a girl named Melany Riverson she was a beautiful young lady at the age of sixteen. Long black hair with a beautiful skin tone and face, blue / green eyes and her body was like an hourglass.

She was the girl every man would wish for.
Her innocence was something that she had with her, she's shy and never talk a lot.
At the age of sixteen her parents would spoiled her and give her everything she wanted. But she never ask for much.

Her life was just like every teenager, she go to college and hang out with friends.

She's so innocent that she never talked with boys and never had a relationship before. Maybe it was because she was too sheltered at the age of fifteen.

Her mother Rose-Ann always wants was the best for her daughter. So they live in Beverly Hills and they have a completely normal life.

Her father Nathan was so overprotective that every time she needs to go out he needs to know with who, which time, how long and he needs to know the family of the kid etc etc.

It was so difficult for Melany to go out.
Her first party was at the age of 15 just a simple plain party with no boys included of course because her father doesn't want that.

It pissed her off cause her friend always ask why she can't go or do this and that, but she don't want to tell them that her parents don't want her to hangout with boys.

Her parents love her so much and will always still love her.

She don't need much attention cause the only thing she cares about is her study.

This is the year that she need to graduate and she will make her parents proud.

But what she don't know was that at the same time she was sold.

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