Chapter 1: "My Lie In July"

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I drummed my fingers along the bus chair bar, my headphones in my ears playing Sonata No.9. I looked out the window as we drove through the busy town. I had lived in the suburbs my whole life. The city where my new school was seemed so huge compared to my small town. "Wow Kosei, how are you even going to find your way around?" Tsubaki asked pulling out the headphone closest to her so I could hear her. I shrugged, "I'm sure I'll be fine. I've had to travel for competitions before so I'm sure I wont get lost to much." I said giving her a calm smile. I knew she was upset, we had both agreed that my going to Ouran was the best for both of us. But I knew that my childhood friend (and girlfriend) didn't like the fact that I would be two hours away. "I can't believe your dad let you move up here all by yourself." my other friend Ryota said sitting to the other side of me. "You know how he is, he was just glad that I got a scholarship." I said, thinking back to when I called my dad asking permission to go to Ouran. He of coarse didn't care....he never really cared after mom died. "I am too, I have a few friends who work at that school who say that they are really trying to build up their music program a lot more. They were pumped when you sent in your application! They're hoping that when you win them a few competitions they will start to make a name for themselves." I looked back to the seat behind us and saw Hiroko and her daughter Koharu playing with some toys behind them on the bus. "I'm just glad they accepted me. I'm not rich like the rest of them, I'll probably stick out like a sore thumb." I said pushing my glasses up my nose. "If any of them give you any trouble you can call us and we can beat them up! Show them no one pushes my pals around!" Ryota said with an evil grin. "Yea, no offense but I don't think calling my girlfriend to beat up my bully's will make me look any stronger. Besides it's all strict and prestigious. I doubt a school like mine will have any bullies." The bell on the bus started to ding and Tsubaki looked out the window with excitement. "That's us! Let's go see what kind of hook up the school gave you!" She said quickly grabbing her bags and running to the front of the bus, everyone followed and I was the last to walk up, taking a few seconds to grab Koharu's hand and help her walk down the bus isle.

Eventually we found the apartment complex that the school payed for me and was impressed. It wasn't to big, it had an attached living room and kitchen, one bedroom and bathroom with a washer and dryer. It was just the right size for one person living in it, but it still was very polished and refined. "Wow! It's so nice!" Ryota shouted looking around. "Hey, come on I have neighbors now. Try to not be to much of a disturbance." I said looking around as well. Koharu ran up to the stack of seven boxes in the middle of the living room as Tsubaki and Hiroko walked in. "We better get started, it's almost lunch time and it will probably take the whole day to get unpacked." Hiroko said with a grin as she opened the first box. Everyone got to work and started setting everything up. I went into the bedroom with Tsubaki, each of us holding onto a box. "This is really nice! I bet that I won't even live in a nice place like this after I graduate!" Tsubaki said with a grin. "I hope not, I would like to think that we could have a nice house in the suburbs." I admitted. I looked up to see her blushing a bit and I snickered. She stuck her tongue out at me and started to unpack the box with all my clothes in it. I opened my box and saw a few posters and pictures in it, along with my bedding and other things. I pulled out the photo frame and smiled, it was the picture that Kaori had given me with her letter after she died. I set it on my desk and dug through the box until I found her letter, and put it right next to the photo.

 I set it on my desk and dug through the box until I found her letter, and put it right next to the photo

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"I'm glad you brought that with you." Tsubaki said walking up behind me. "Don't worry. I have some of everyone...even that one of you when you laughed so hard milk came out your nose in third grade." I started to laugh as Tsubaki looked horrified and started to dig through the box looking for it. I watched for a few seconds as she shouted something about finally burning that horrible picture. I sighed, I really was going to miss her. It had been hard for the both of us at first. We had to grief the loss of a friend and loved one....but after we both read our letters from Kaori we both were able to accept that our being together was what she wanted. So when school let out we made ourselves official. We were a bit of an odd couple. But I loved (almost) every second of it. "Come on, let's focus on unpacking everything." I said distracting her from the photo that wasn't even in that box. I made sure to put it in my wallet so that she couldn't find it.

-Later that Night-

"You can't really see the stars around here can you?" Ryota asked looking out the window of my apartment. "Well what can you expect, this is pretty far away from the beaches." Hiroko said as she and I put the last of the dishes into the dish washer. We had finished dinner, and it was time for everyone to head back home...accept me. "I'm gonna miss you man!" Ryota said wrapping me tightly in his arms. "Yea-me too." I said patting his back, I really was going to miss his dramatic gestures every day at school. "Be good okay? I'm going to send the police here over the phone if I don't get a call at least once every other day." Hiroko said with a wink, even though I wasn't to sure if she was being serious or not. I gave Koharu a big hug and she started to cry. Hiroko excused herself and with a final goodbye she took her daughter outside to calm her down, Ryota followed and that left Tsubaki standing in front of me. "Seeing all of your stuff around here makes it kind of real." She said taking my hands into hers. "I remember when your mother wouldn't let you play with me outside because she didn't want your hands to get hurt....I would get so mad, I didn't understand how special your hands are."  She looked up at me. "But now I know, and if you weren't so damn talented I wouldn't let you ever leave my side." She said with tears in her eyes. I gently smiled and pulled her into my arms. "I'm never leaving your side, I promise." I whispered in her ear. I looked her straight in the eyes....I wanted to do it, before she left. We were childhood friends before we were significant others so the whole kissing thing had not been apart of our relationship yet...but it was either now or until school break, and I didn't want to wait another three months. I pulled her lips to mine and I could fell her jump a bit, before she put her fingers in my hair, pulling me closer to her. We forgot about everything, her lips tasted like the soy bean bread that we had with dinner-she always loved soy bean bread. We pulled apart and her face was red, tears in her eyes again. "You dummy, now you have to wait till break to kiss me again." she whispered. "Then I have something to look forward to." I said. We stayed in each others arms for a few more seconds before Ryota called for her from outside. "Tell everyone I said thanks." I called as she shut the door. I heard their footsteps as they walked away from the apartment. I sighed, feeling the emptiness of the apartment for the first time. I walked into my room and sat down on my bed, looking over at my closet where Ouran Academy's school uniform hung. "Ouran High school Academy. I wonder what it will be like." I though to myself. Right now the possibility's seemed endless.

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