The Car Part 65C

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Joy's POV...

"Let me see to her. I'm a doctor." I said in my no nonsense voice that I used for difficult patients.

"Move." I said more bluntly which then got a response after they ignored my first request.

"Juicy, can you get my bag please and pull out my medcat pouch please?" I asked my daughter.

"Do you need me to do anything, Joy?" My brother asked as he came over to stand near me.

"No thank you Jarrod. She's just had a bit of a shock. If she's anything like Mum, she'll wake up when she's good and ready and not before." I said to him which seem to relax the others in the room.

"Why did she faint? What happened?" Jarrod's look a like asked in a worried voice.

"I would say that seeing my face had done it. I look exactly like my father. (then I looked up to look at him) Just like you do yours." I said quietly to him which caused his eyes to widen as he then scanned my face for something familiar that he was looking for.

"Here Mum." Julianne said to me as she passed me my medcat pouch to open it and pull out some sol volatile to wave under her nose.

"What's that?" Her son asked me as I continued to lean over his mother.

"Sal volatile, or smelling salts as they are usually called. Commonly used for those who need to be revived from a faint or to be brought back to consciousness.

A moment later she began to move. Then her eyes began to flutter and slowly open as she lifted a hand to flop it back down again, something we've seen Mum to a few times with her faints. Then she looked up and into my own tear filled eyes that were focused on her.

"Hello Donna. It's wonderful to finally meet you." I said to her with a smile so very quietly as I watched her own eyes fill with tears too.

Then I felt her hand lightly touch my face as she lifted her hand to touch me. She was just staring at me, looking at all my creases, my eyebrows, my lips.

"You look like your father." She said to me in a very quiet and shaky voice that told me how unsettled she was. I was unsettled too.

"Your boy looks like his father too." I said to her as her eyes widened, not to look at me, but look behind me.

To see Jarrod standing there. Then I saw her eyes fill with tears again. I watched her then as  she struggled to get up off the floor. The men in her life helped her to do that before sitting her on one of the chairs next to the table.

"You, your one of the twins, aren't you?" She asked my brother who nodded at her with a smile.

That's when I noticed that there was a nasty scar that was slightly shown on her forehead and went up into the hairline. A nasty one at that and after what Garry told us earlier about this woman, I know how she got hurt and why.

"You look eerily like Ron, the bloody stinker." She snapped out which caused us Stevenson's to laugh out loud.

"What?" She snapped at us as we laughed around her.

" Our mother Margaret Jones Joifield married that rotten stinker and had a few more kids." I said to her with a laugh.

Donna's mouth got wider and wider the more I spoke. Then she looked at Julianne too and was amazd at how much she looked like her grandfather too. Like I did. Like my baby sons do, not that they are babies anymore. At least their quad sisters look like their daddy, John.

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