The Car 65B

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Not edited. All names are from my own imagination and are not related to anyone, real or dead, sadly. 

Joy POV...

It didn't take as long as I thought getting out to Invergowerie westish of Armidale. The scenery was very pretty as we drove along. Garry was telling us a little about the country side as he knew it, letting us know of any tourist attraction that we might have past along the way.

When we past the little town (which wasn't even on the road we were driving on) and kept driving, I began to wonder where we were going. It seems that when someone tells you that they are going to a town nearby up here, they actually mean they are heading out that direction, and usually keep going.

So going past the little town that was only five or ten minutes out of Armidale, we knew we were in for a treat of scenic driving. And I was right when we passed a little place called Yarrowyck and kept going.

"Your friend doesn't live very far from town, does he?" Jarrod asked him in a bit of a sarcastic tone of voice.

"Just a bit. It's not too far." Garry told Jarrod who was driving. But he said it with a smile though, a bit of a cheeky one at that.

"My friends mother doesn't do too well in the community. She's much more happier living out of town than in and his dad will do anything to make his mum happy." Garry went on to say by way of an explanation.

Knowing what I know of those who want to live away from society, I know that something must have happened in her past that was traumatic enough to have her back away from society as she has done. I only hope that our being there doesn't upset her too much.

"Will our visit upset her?" I asked Garry hoping that we don't.

"I already called ahead to speak to Rob. It's his mothers gardening day that she spends with a couple of other ladies in the town and go and weed some of the older residents gardens for them. She's always like doing that. It helped a lot with her headaches after she was hurt years ago. She had already left when I called to say we were coming out to see the car." Garry said to us which sparked my curiosity.

"Hurt, did you say?" I asked him hoping for more information being curious as the doctor in me is when I hear about cases like this.

"She had a head injury before she had Rob and it affected her both mentally and physically. The doctors weren't even sure if she was going to survive, or the baby she was pregnant with. She had to learn how to talk and walk and do all sorts of things. Even her memory was shot there for a long while. But  Teddy stayed by her side and helped her." Garry was telling us.

"Teddy must be a very special man to be able to do that." I said as I looked out the window.

"He is. They've been together now for decades. After having Rob it was a few years before she had any more kids. They had another son and two girls over the next fifteen years after Rob was born. Rob even said once that the kids were like little monkeys that climb all over him after they were born and started getting about. " Garry was telling us about his friends family with a laugh when referring to the younger children.

"We'll be turning shortly off the road onto another that will lead us down to their place. It's a windy bit of a road, but the scenery was rather worth the drive as Rob says when repeating his mother when she talks about the drive to their place." Garry said with a smile to us over his shoulder when looking at us girls in the back seat.

And sure enough, another fifteen minutes of driving with us watching the countryside pass us by, he directed Jarrod to turn off onto a semi sealed road that lead out off the highway and over into the hills that we could see ahead of us.

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