Chapter 30

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Madison's POV
I reached for my phone again while shaking. I slowly dialed Cam's number and putting phone to my ear while closing my eyes. After two rings, he picked up.

"Madison oh my gosh! What's wrong baby-girl?!" He asked in a worried tone.

I sighed and felt relief after hearing his voice. I knew if I said anything than I would start crying again so I didn't answer. I heard shouting in the background and then it got really quiet. Juat when I was convinced he hung up, he started singing.

I promise that one day
I'll be around, I'll keep you safe
I'll keep you sound
Righting it's pretty crazy & I don't know how to stop or slow it down

I opened my eyes and the tears started to pour out non-stop.

"D-dad?" I asked him and he chuckled lightly.

"What's wrong Mads?" He asked softly.

"I-I got your letters an-and opened one", I said quietly.

"I'm guessing the one for when your struggling. Because you wouldn't ignore my calls and texts if it wasn't that case, right?" He asked in a tiny voice.

"N-no I wouldn't. I'm sorry", I sobbed into the phone.

"Dad?" I questioned again.

"Yes princess?" He asked in a concerned voice.

"R-remeber my brother that was supposed to be dead?" I asked but regretted it once it came out.

"Yea", he hesitantly replies.

"He's not fucking dead! He lied to me and ran away to somewhere. A-and he's here and I can't! He's alive and let me believe he was dead for years", I blurted out and heard him hang up.
I threw my phone across the room and it hit my wall but didn't break. I got up and looked at my full-length mirror while the tears fell down mg face. I dropped to the floor and sobbed quietly into my shaggy carpet as coldness took over me. Chills started to go up my arms and legs as I stood up with jello-like legs and walked over to my phone.

The screensaver was of me and Jack. I smiled at the thought of him, but stopped when I noticed I can't see him right now. I plugged in my headphones and sat down on my chair while staring at the ground after wrapping my blanket around me.

Life is worth living

Justin's voice was somewhat soothing to hear right now. I picked myself up and walked over to my bed before plopping down.My MacBook started going off and I saw Cameron was trying to FaceTime me. I looked at it and looker away. My phone screen lit up and I saw I had 20 missed facetimes from him. I turned away and looked out my window.

people make mistakes
Doesn't mean you have to give in

I paused the song and looked back at my laptop. Why does Justin have to prove me wrong now, of all times?
(That's his song 'Life is Worth Living' if your confused)

Why would Cameron hang up on me? All these questions were going through my mind and my thoughts were I interrupted by Aaliyah barging in. I looked at here with wide eyes before going back on my phone. How was it already 8:00pm? Was I really crying for the past few hours?

"He's here", she said and I looked up at her to see her eyes wide.

"Tell him to leave and that I don't want to talk to him anytime soon", I said with no emotions in my words. I started staring out of my window and heard something plop on my bed. I ignored it because Adam needs to leave, like NOW. I felt arms go around me and someone kiss my cheek.

"You couldn't possibly mean that right?" He said in that familiar voice I longed to hear.

My bottom lip trembled as I turned around and stuffed my face I his chest. He rubbed my back and lifted me onto his lap as my nose filled with the comforting scent of him.

"W-why are you here?" I asked him.
You guys are probably like WHO IS IT?!?!?! But....MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH cliff hanger for you guys!!!! I'm so evil but I wanted to add suspense so I might write another chapter tonight. Love you guys!!!!!

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