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"Shhhh!" I hushed to Blair who had tripped over her own feet. We couldn't let anyone hear us because if they did, it would all be over.

"I just fell and all you have to say is shh to me?!" Blair whispered fought causing me to laugh while she regained her balance back on her feet once again.

Giggling while I ran around the Black Land Rover I only saw Blair rolling her eyes at me before she parted her lips to respond to my amusement to her fall. "You know most best friends would ask if their friend was okay but, not you. I have to keep reminding myself that your Kendall Ramsey."

"And what does being Kendall Ramsey have to do with anything?" I kept the plastic wrap roll in my hand and carefully wrapped  the rest of the roll onto the car. I had managed with Blair's help to cover the entire car with plastic wrap, making it impossible to enter without cutting it open.

"It has everything to do with it!" Blair finished off the finally touches standing back to admire our hard work and determination. Blair was dressed in all black knowing that when we went out to do what Blair called my "adventures" we needed to go unseen.

She wore a black Brandy Melville jacket that I know for a fact she stole from my closet and a black crop top underneath. This whole look was paired up with black skinny jeans and white converse along with a black backpack she slung over her back. Her hair was done naturally which is how she wore it most of the time since she didn't see the sense in waking up early to get ready for school. Blair was a natural beauty, she was the girl that could pull off a paper bag for a dress.

"One last touch." I told her stepping to the side of the windshield and leaning into the car. Puckering my lips I pressed them up against the plastic covered car and pulled away to see my signature touch. The red lips standing out against the white plastic wrap, it was all perfect.

"Hurry! We gotta get out of here!" Blair took my hand while we both made a mad dash for her car. Wind flying through my hair a rush of adrenaline pumped in my veins. Nothing gave me a rush quiet like getting away with something you know you shouldn't be doing.

Climbing into the car Blair revved the engine of her black 2003 Audi. Speeding away from the scene I looked over at Blair who navigated to my house.

"Don't pretend like you don't like going on my adventures." I smiled at her seeing a smirk paint over her lips. Blair enjoyed the rush just as much as I did, we enjoyed pulling off a perfectly constructed prank.

"We have been doing this since 8th grade Kendall, when are you just going to admit you like him already?" Blair asked me ignoring my statement I had said previously. I narrowed my eyes at her and gave a sigh to rely that her thought process was wrong.

"I don't like him!" I folded my arms slumping more into my seat. My backpack pressed up against the leather black seat while I slid.

"You know I'm your best friend, right? Kendall you have been at this since 8th grade! Since 8th grade we have been at this! You cannot sit there and tell me you don't like him." Blair rose her voice giving me a looked that conveyed she wasn't oblivious to the relationship Harry and I had.

"There is nothing between Harry and I and nor will there ever. We are only friends, that's it. End of story." I disregarded any thought of a relationship between Harry and I. What I said was the truth! Harry was nothing more then a source of entertainment for me. He challenged me to scheme and come up with chart topping pranks each time he would get me back.

"Okay whatever you say." Blair gestures with her hand when she talked. Rolling my eyes I turned in my seat to better see her and the smug look on her face.

"Don't give me that look!" I widened my eyes at her and dropped my jaw from her not believing what I told her. I knew this look and it was the famous "I'm right and your wrong but I'll let you think your right" look.

"What look? This is my face!" Blair's smile got wider rather then just a small smug smirk. She laughed finding herself quiet the comedian.

"You know what look I'm talking about. The one where you think your right but like you let me pretend I'm right!" I chuckled slightly at her bewildered expression that was obviously fake. Over exaggerating the facial expression I began to break out in a laugh.

"I have no such look, are you sure you didn't snort too much cocaine?" Blair questioned me arching an eyebrow with animation.

"It's hard to tell, does a bear shit in the woods?" I asked her watching as she broke out into laughter pulling up to my house.

"I'll see you tomorrow! You better be at school tomorrow!" Blair told me stopping on the curb in front of my house.

"Of course I will be at school, I have to see Harry's reaction tomorrow! I wouldn't miss that for the world." I explained getting up out of the car and shutting the door. Running up to my house I quietly opened the back gate that opened to the backyard. Tip toeing on the spring grass that was just beginning to grow green once again I found my route back to my room.

I had made sure to keep my window open on purpose so that I could climb through without again getting caught for doing things I shouldn't. Putting the palms of my hands on the windowsill I pushed up to lift my feet off the ground. Palms holding my body weight I made my way through the window and into my bedroom once again.

Taking off my black backpack I threw it to the side and kicked off my all black vans that had become a staple to my closet since 8th grade. With only my lamp to give off light I stripped off my tight jeans and black shirt that showed off my mid drift. Falling back on my bed that I could trust would always catch me I tuned off my bed side lamp and smiled to myself after closing my eyes to get a few hours of sleep.

I needed a good amount of sleep tonight so that tomorrow when I saw Harry I would look as though nothing had ever happened. Even though we both knew it was me, I liked to keep things as if I was oblivious to the entire thing.

note// New story! I'm so excited for this and hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it:) thoughts?

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