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Lena's p.o.v

*Next day*
Wow... School again. Forever wishing I didn't had to go to school. I first checked my phone. No messages.
So Jace still ignored me.
I got out of bed and took a shower. I put on my clothes (outfit on the photo again^)
And ate some cereals.

I arrived at school and walked to my locker to put some things away. I saw Yentl walking up to me. Hi Lena!
Oh hi Yentl. Heyy.. Something is up. She frowend and crossed her arms. No it's nothing.
Uh yeah! I just know it when your down I'm your best friend! I sighed. Okay, it's Jace. What's with him?
He is acting so weird lately and now he's ignoring me..
Suddenly, Jace stood behind Yentl. Shit. What if he heard me? Hey Lena.
It sounded a little bit bitchy but hey, he ingnored me the whole day!
What's wrong?
What's wrong!?
You ignored me yesterday! I went to your house but you wasn't home and I texted you a million times and you didn't reply! And you ask me what's wrong? Woah, I didn't thought you were going to be mad!
Uh yeah I'm out. Yentl quickly walked away, not wanting to get involved in this.
Man, I wanted to try to avoid him but I bump into him before school even started!
F*ck you Jace!
Luckily, nobody was around cause the bell already went and I was to late for English.
I closed my locker and walked to my class. Ignoring Jace calling my name.

I opened the door and everybody looked at me with the oh-your-dead-look. The teacher caught me while I was trying to sneek in without him seeing I was late.
Lena? So you decided that you do want to follow my lessons? Uh yeah I was at the toilet.. How can I always embarrass myself for everyone to see?
Well, I'm going to give you detention now you know that right? Yes. Sorry sir. Take a seat and open your book on page 46. When I sat down the door opened again, Jace in the doorframe. Oh yeah.. He has the same class as me now.

Jace. Where are you coming from? Where you and Lena making out in the bathroom since you two are a thing?
The class laughed at that comment. Uh no. We weren't.
You both get detention after school. Oh great, now I have to sit in a classroom with only Jace! I ignored his papers and staring and focused on the teacher. I was pretty pissed on Yentl. She just let me hanging there. She didn't help me at all. She whisperd to me. Hey, what happend?
Why do you care? You just walked away.
Oh I'm sorry.
No it's okay I can handle it myself.
Probably she didn't care about my problems. Where are your friends when you need them?
The rest of the day was pretty bad. I was mad at my boyfriend aaanndd my best friend. But now I have detention with Jace...
I walked in and saw Jace sitting there.
Lena, you can sit next to Jace. I have to print something I'll be right back.
Jace immediately turned his head my way. Lena.....

A/n: Hey! Here is a new chapter! I have exams this couple of weeks so I can't write very often. Hope you liked this one! -x-

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