chapter 10

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Erza's POV:

I sat down on my bed contemplating. My hands against my heads trying to find out what i had done. What did i do? Omg

I tried to recall all the things i did this week. Nothing seemed wrong. If nothing seemed wrong with what i did what did i do?


Mira's POV:

Where's Erza and Lucy? They should be at the guild by now. Not to mention Natsu and Gray are planing on going on a mission right now.

After a few hours of waiting for them I decided to go see where they were. I walked over to Lucy's apartment building and rung her doorbell. There was no answer after a few minutes so I decided to ring her doorbell again. Finally Lucy slowly opened the door with an angry look on her face.

"Erza, I told you to -" She quickly stopped talking when she realized it was me. Her face was very pale and her eyes were puffy.

"oh. Hey Mira. What are you doing here?" She asks

"Lucy what's wrong? Are you ok what happened?"

"It nothing." she stated plainly.

"Lucy it isn't nothing if you are crying your eyes out. Come on tell me."

Lucy opened her door wider for me to walk in and i did. As i walked in i could see empty beer bottles and tissues everywhere. The smell in here was horrid.

"Lucy is this all you have been doing here?"

She just looks down at the ground and starts to cry. She buried her head into my dress and i didn't care if it was getting wet because i know that Lucy was more important. I wrapped my arm around her and kissed her head trying to comfort. After about 20 minutes her crying subsided she started talking.

"I broke up with Erza." she says.

"What!? Why? Did she do something? Tell me, I will kill her! How dare she hurt you!

"No Mira stop I dont want you to hurt her... I saw her with Jellal at the park and it looked like she was on a date with him." she says as she looks down at the floor.

I put my hand face and lift up her chin.

Bam cliffhanger. Sorry for the late update. I have no excuse children I'm just very lazy.


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