Run Away Horse

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(Please note that I haven't finished Birthright (the only one I have) to this day so please no spoilers, as I'll try to make it so if you sided on either side, this fanfic will still work for you)

Y/N- Your Name/ your characters name

Italics- your thoughts

(Stuff in parenthesis)- authors comments (aka making fun of myself or actually important stuff... One or the other XD)

(A few days after Silas just joined your side)

Your POV:

I was walking to my private quarters with a bundle of papers and maps in my hands blocking my view.

I was almost to my quarters until I heard loud and fast footsteps.

Please whoever you are, please don't run into me...

I began walking a bit faster until THUD. The person who was running ran into me, and as I fell on my butt. (booty... Sorry XD) all my paper and maps few high up into the sky.

"There goes my stuff..." I sighed as I looked up as my papers that were either touching clouds, out of the fort, or the other person was sitting on them.

"O-oh, Y/N! I'm sorry!" A familiar kind voice said.

I looked down a bit to see Silas, who seemed out of breath.

"Oh, Silas! I-it's okay, I wasn't looking  where I was going." I blushed as he helped me up. "Don't worry that weren't that important!" I shrug off.

"You're just saying that! They were probably very important, we're in the middle of a war, and I just... I'm so sorry!" He blushed more.

"It's alright Silas! Really!" I let our an airy laugh. "May I ask why you were running?"

"Oh... Why I was- oh my horse!"

"Your horse?"

"He got away, well sorry I got to go, but I promise to find all your papers!" He said quickly as he began running.

I laughed a bit, and sighed as I ran to help him.

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