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"hyung" jimin shouted blushing.

"what" yoongi replied keeping his eyes closed.

"can you please let go of me?" jimin huffed not liked being pinned to yoongis chest.

"no" yoongi smiled.

jimin tried to escape the olders tight grip, he nipped the older but that did nothing he then tried pushing but yoongi would pull him back down. jimin had an idea and licked the olders arm.

"ew jimin, what the fuck" yoongi whined wiping his arm on his top.

jimin giggled and pushed yoongi off the bed along with the quilt and cushions.

"ouch" yoongi cried rolling on the floor.

"hyung what's this?" jimin asked dumbfounded.

the younger held a black bear plushy, it had red circles on its cheek and white details, jimin then turned and smirked at yoongi holding the bear in front of his face.

"that's not mine!" yoongi shouted his pale face turning as red as a rose.

"aww does hyung need a teddy bear to sleep with him~" jimin cooed.

"shut up its not mine" yoongi shouted his face bright red "and his name is kumamon"

"what if i did this" jimin asked pulling roughly on the bears arms.

"stop you'll break him!" yoongi cried pulling kumamon into his own arms.

"aww you're like a big baby~" jimin teased playing with yoongis red cheeks.

"shut up im scared of the dark so it helps me" yoongi admitted avoiding jimins gaze.

"i didn't see you with it when i stayed here" jimin stated moving closer to the older.

"...because i had you" yoongi mumbled too scared to face the younger.

jimins eyes widened and looked away nervously, but he couldn't hide the red glow that came over his face. both the blushing boys didn't dare look at each other, yoongi clung onto his kumamon whilst jimins played with his long sleeves.

" sorry" jimin murmured looking over at yoongi.

"its okay" yoongi replied turning to face the younger.

jimin placed his head on yoongis shoulder and sighed, yoongi looked down at the younger and smiled it was the little actions that jimin would do that made his heart flutter. yoongi wrapped his arms around the younger and kissed his forehead.

"oh" mr min mumbled standing in yoongis doorway.

jimin squeaked and quickly got off the olders lap avoiding mr mins gaze.

"i was just going to tell you ill probably not be home till tomorrow" mr min said.

"why?" yoongi asked.

"you don't need to know" mr min replied "and why are you both wearing makeup?!".

"felt like it" yoongi argued folding his arms.

"sure..." mr min said walking away awkwardly.

yoongi heard the front door open and shut, he mumbled to himself and sulked. jimin crawled back over to the older and watched him.

"you okay?" jimin said quietly.

"yeah i just feel like he doesn't like me" yoongi stated.

"but he's your dad, he has to love you" jimin replied taking hold of yoongis hand.

"i know he loves me, but i feel like he doesn't like me" yoongi mumbled.

"what?" jimin asked confused.

"ugh never mind" yoongi groaned pulling his hand away from jimins.

yoongi sulked and laid back down, jimin giggled and opened his arms smiling brightly at yoongi.

"what are you doing?" yoongi asked.

"im offering you a hug" jimin said quietly.

"i don't really like hugs" yoongi muttered.

"but you need one because you're sad" jimin exclaimed.

jimin extended his arms and placed them around yoongis back he squeezed yoongi gently but firmly letting the older know he cared about him and that he meant a lot to him, jimin then looked up and quickly pecked his cheek.

"don't be sad~" jimin mumbled into yoongis chest.

"im not sad" yoongi lied hugging the younger back.

jimin let go of the older and grinned, yoongi chuckled he couldn't stay mad at the younger he was too cute.

"when im sad i cut myself some cake... so lets get some cake!" jimin shouted standing up.

jimin pulled yoongi up by the hand and pushed him into the hallway, yoongi moaned not wanting to move. jimin sighed and put a coat on the older, yoongi sat on the floor and pulled on his black converse whilst jimin did the same.


the two boys took a bus into town, they looked around for a small place to sit and eat cake. jimin had dragged yoongi into a cute small shop that was extremely eye catching. as the two entered a bell on the door rang, jimin smiled as the smell of yeast, cinnamon, frying fat, and coffee hit his face yoongi rolled his eyes at how to decorations were mostly pastel coloured and cute.

"look hyung" jimin cheered running up to the glass case at the front.

the glass case held sugar sparkled cinnamon twists, vibrant doughnuts of all flavours that gleamed in their sticky icing along with the hand decorated cakes and freshly baked breads.

"you sit there and ill buy us something" jimin giggled pushing yoongi into a small booth near the window.

yoongi sighed and slowly walked over to the seat, he sat down and looked out of the window watching couples walk by holdings hands and smiling lovingly at each other, he envied them he wanted someone that would make him feel special and wanted.

"look~" jimin smiled, carrying two pieces of cake and placing them on the long table.

jimin had ordered two pieces of chocolate cake, yoongis eyes widened as the sweet dessert was placed in front of him.

the younger quickly chowed down the cake taking big pieces using his fork whilst yoongi would take small parts off the sponge and eat most of the icing. the moist chocolate cake would melts in your mouth as the sweet frosting hit your sweet tooth perfectly.

"this is why i love food, it makes me happy" jimin smiled licking his plump lips.

"you got something there" yoongi said pointing to jimins cheek.

"where?" jimin replied feeling self concious.

"here" yoongi muttered holding jimins face close to his, he then licked the sticky frosting off his chubby cheeks enjoying the sweet luscious taste. yoongi then lifted jimins chin; their noses almost touching.

jimin could feel his cheeks getting hotter and hotter, and wondered if anyone else was as mortified as he was, his cheeks scorched with embarrassment at yoongis sudden action and a shade of crimson discoloured his flawless complexion.

"um i-i have to go to the t-toilet" jimin stammered, standing up and running towards the bathroom.

yoongi just sat watching the small boy run away as a smug smirk slowly spread across his pale face.

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