Perfect Storm: 01

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"You look lost,"

Camilla spun around, barely registering her own footing, as the voice pipped up suddenly. She grinned bashfully, successfully wiping the awe off of her face and composed herself. Her hand shot to her heart, which was undoubtedly running wildly against her chest. "Sorry, you scared me, but you were right about me being lost. I suppose I'm not as oblivious as I thought I was. Anyways, my brother Craig t-"

The woman in front of her, with the fiery red hair and green eyes waved a hand. "So you're the legendary sister."

"Well, I wouldn't say legendary."

The woman in question laughed and stepped forward, "Where's my manners? The name's Alina," Camilla reached out and shook her hand, still in awe at the stadium she'd set foot into. "I'm the team's marketing manager, but Craig specifically informed me that you'd be coming and was insistent that you were made to feel at home."

Camilla smiled at this, her brother was an absolute sweetheart and she wasn't surprised by this at all. In fact, all it did was pull at her heart strings, because she hadn't seen him in over six months. However, unsure of how to respond that, she gazed around instead. "It's amazing in here,"

From the outside, the stadium looked like any other. Inside, it was a lot more modern than she had anticipated – once you entered, there was a surrounding seating area with comfortable seats dispersed across the room like leaves in a forest. Okay, she may have been exaggerating – most of them were pushed against the walls whilst in the far upper left was what appeared to be a reception desk. Beside it, nearing the left were a couple of security gates with security guards positioned beside them. One met her eyes, a thin line set to his lips and she curved a brow in response. She supposed the fact that there were security guards before the game had even started suggest the crazy amount of fans who would attempt to access the rugby players whilst they changed. She couldn't imagine why anybody would want to attempt that for her brother.

She could definitely see why people tried to risk the chance. She had watched some of her brothers matches online and his teammates were smoking hot, but she wasn't going to admit that to him.

"It is," Alina agreed with a smile, her lips were painted a rosy red. "How about I show you the way to the team's waiting room of some sort. I'm sure your brother's just anticipating your return," With a slight sway of her hips, Alina begun walking and Camilla followed suit, eyeing the direction they were headed in.

Camilla had always had an eye for detail, she liked noticing the small things, whether it was a discreet smile two people shared or an intricate design hidden behind a stack of papers.

As they neared the turnstiles, Alina arched her neck slightly. "You'll have to get your ticket, dear. Just for confirmation, otherwise you won't be let in." Camilla nodded and dug into her bag as they continued on, as soon as she'd arrived home from her flight, she had to drop off her bags and head straight to the stadium. Luckily, Craig had made sure he dropped her ticket by.

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