Chapter 11: Too little too late

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It was in the evening, you noticed Aomine starring at you from behind. The clock was ticking away slowly and there was this anticipation in every student's eyes and they couldn't care any less about the lectures from the teacher, their focus fixed upon the remaining 10 seconds of when the ending bell rings.

You were too one of the crowd. You would gladly dash out of the class and get hit by a car instead of dealing with the lessons you already dealt with during homeschooling. It was 'that' boring. You could feel the daggers at the back of your skull and you smirked discreetly upon noticing how you were right; Aomine wasn't the type to give up so easily.

But was it? It could also be that you didn't want Aomine to let go. It could also be this feeling that you don't want Aomine to forget about this 'you' which existed 3 years ago. How could you tell?

An internal conflict went on in your mind, a tug of war... between unconscious innocence and the hideous vengeful conscious...


Your eyes started to move, and in front of you was Aomine. He was the one knocking on the table. You plastered a small smile on your face.

"Hello Aomine-san."

"The school already dismissed. You've been staring into space the whole time. Are you okay?"

You nodded fervidly, straightening up. You gathered your things, grabbing them and stuffing them into your bag out of order. It was the clumsy side of you surfacing again. Things fall out of your grasp, onto the table, and onto the ground. Your table was a mess, just like everything in your life was.

You started to pick up the stationary on the floor. You crouched down... reached for the pencil...


It was a small contact; a small contact between you... and Aomine, who was reaching for the same pencil as well. There wasn't a movement of a muscle.The two of you just stared into each other's eyes, the hands still in contact... in the sunset-stained classroom, ever so alone.

Aomine's eyes were nothing like before – not cold and distant like you remembered, but warm and soft. His eyes colored navy blue... his hair soft and silky, nothing like the touch spiky hair you imagined it would be... the small creases on his forehead he always had... his brown complexion which shone golden under the orange sunlight... You took in his features before looking away.

What was that feeling in your heart? It was the same fluttering feeling. It was the same foolishness which you jeered at... It was the same ache which you felt before. It's reviving.

But it can't.

No it can't.

"I- I have to go." You said, grabbing the pencil before walking away. But he grabbed your hands, so firmly that it hurts. You halted, not sparing a look at him.

"Is it too late?" was his deep voice which rang in the room... "Is it too late now to say sorry?"

You broke your hand free from his grip.

"I have to go." You whispered as you walked out.


"Everyone attention please!" the high-pitched voice of Momoi broke through the large gym, quieting a thousand mutters of the new comers and former players."

"Line up!!!" A guy ordered around. He had light blond hair and was the captain of the team, according to your research. With a furious face, he turned to Momoi. "Where the firetruck is Aomine?"

Momoi looked around and released a long sigh upon not finding him.

"He's not here. I'm going to go find him." Momoi muttered before taking a step, but just then, the gym door slammed open and with the sunlight behind, you could make out a silhouette of a tall, firm and muscular guy. You immediately knew it was Aomine.

He stretched after throwing his student coat onto the bench, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Missed me, Wakamatsu?" he chuckled.


"Bakaa-" Aomine stopped when he spotted me beside Momoi. His mouth formed a tight straight line before getting in line.

Your eyes roamed in the 2 lines of players and stopped upon seeing the brown haired boy. His big brown eyes stood out most. It was your target. You controlled yourself from breaking out into a big smirk. Momoi was there, and she could observe each and every single of your moves. You knew you had to be careful.

"Kon ban wa! I'm Momoi Satsuki, your manager. That there is your coach, Katsunori Harasawa. Over there is your captain, Wakamatsu Kousuke. And this is your assistant manager, [L/N][F/N]."

"Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!" the yells filled the room. You noticed Aomine's mouth which didn't even moved a millimeter.

"Oh hoh. So this is the new Touou team?" Imayoshi entered the gym, clapping ever so slowly. Everyone would question if he was being sarcastic or if it was truly a compliment. But then, that was just how he was – mysterious and full of mazes, a scary dark creature.

He halted in front of you. "Oh? [Name]-chan is here? What a surprise. What a surprise." He spoke, a small smile played on his lips. You wished you could slap him right in the face.

"I see this is going great so far. Great job Wakamatsu!" Imayoshi praised, "Ah wait. Can I borrow [Name] for a minute?"

You groaned internally and dragged your feet with every step to follow him but then-

"No. She has to be introduced to the new players here."

Imayoshi turned around, a discreet frown on his face. Aomine was there with all his glory, lying on the bench with his head extended upside down staring at the two of you.

"You're a thousand years too early to be caring about the basketball club." Imayoshi replied with a smirk, before dragging you out.

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