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                                                                                              April 7th, 2016

Dear Reader, 

Hey, so did anyone else out there know that 4/4/16 is square root day? Get it? Cause the square root of 16 is 4? Lol right?

I have officially decided that strawberries are my favorite fruit. They, to me just taste too good to be true. Red and juicy and i'm eating one right now. Strawberries are the-- no--- absolutely THE best fruit ever to exist to my tongue

But besides things red and juicy--- I just feel, in all actuality, normal for once. It feels good to have a natural day. I haven't had a typical day in a very long time, not since before foster care-- or i'm not really sure of the last time I had an average day and just felt... normal. It feels weird to be ordinary for once, but it feels good

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