Chapter 3

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I laughed at her " well first off that makes no sense, second of all you kind of deserve it for picking on Becky."

Aj's Pov

As we got out of the hotel I asked where we should've ate for breakfast, Joe primary choice was McDonald's and his secondary choice was Burger King. He always asked for those places, so I asked Becky's opinion.

She said whatever made Joe happy, we should've went there. Even if it didn't make our stomachs happy later but, what the heck not I thought. I got just French fries and nuggets, because I can very much be a kid when it comes to choosing what to eat.

Becky chose a salad and Joe chose a big mac. I also got a kids toy....don't ask how I convinced the cashier to get me it. It's a long story, anyways as we finished I rode in Becky's car since me and Joe rode in a separate car.

As we Becky started to drive I smirked " so Becky, since we are brand new friends. Let us get know each other." She smiled still focusing on the road. " whatever you want to do Lad."

" I shall start, who is your closest male friend in WWE right now?"

"Hmm besides you, it's pretty much documented that Finn Balor is a close best friend of mine."

I nodded as she asked me her driest question " well who is you're closest female friend on the roster so far?"

"Well that'd be you Mrs Lynch."

She gave a gasp, I'm not sure if he was a real shocked gasps or a joking type of gasps if that makes sense? Anyways we asked each other more questions that are basically all the same as we arrived at the arena. I said goodbye to her, since I had to go look for my and Joe's rental car.

That's where my bag was, as I looked around I saw Hunter and I walked up to him.

"Help sir."

He shook my hand, as he responded back to me "hello Mr styles, I have news for you. You are not just starting your championship storyline next Monday, here is your script it explains it all." He patted my shoulder as I looked over the script while continuing to walk. I wasn't watching where I was going, as I bumped into someone " oh sorry, that was my fault." I got the script out of my view as I offered my hand to the downed person.

It was Charlotte flair. Oh how this was awkward I thought as she took my hand and got up, as she got up she instantly hugged me. If this wasn't awkward enough, I pried her off of me" why are you hugging me?"

She looked down and then back up at me " My father is being a real jerk and I don't feel safe around him when he is a jerk." I laughed at her " well first off that makes no sense, second of all you kind of deserve it for picking on Becky." I stopped laughing, starting to walk again finally seeing Joe's and my rental car. Joe rose his hands in the air "Hallelujah Aj styles has found his rental car." I had laughed again as I opened the trunk and grabbed my bags walking inside the arena.


Chapter three of this StyLynch story. Yes I made a ship name, anyways I would like to get all of your thoughts and if you'd like to look forward to more. Thank you all just for reading it means alot.

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