Chapter 1: Waking Up to a Past Untold

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"The past is what changes us. Its what defines us. But what happens if your missing part of your past, if you're not whole."

I woke up breathing hard as the sun beamed into my eyes blinding me. Slowly pushing myself into a sitting position I looked around starry eyed and breathless seeing a girl lying next to me. She had soft brown curly hair that came past her shoulders with slight highlights. She was very slender and dainty and looked about 8.

I crawled over and looked down at her. She had forest green eyes that sparkled with little golden specks giving them an earthy tone. Her face was slender and sharp yet smoothed from youth. She looked very worried as if having a nightmare. Around her neck was a beautiful silver locket with sapphires imbedded into it. The silver had a swirling design that looked like vines wrapping around the locket. I tried to wake the girl but she wouldn't budge. I looked around for a familiar face to ask for help.

However, nothing seemed familiar or gave me sense of nostalgia. Down the dark muggey alley we were in I saw a coffee shop and people milling around. The buildings around me were skyscrapers stretching near and far. Every surface is a cold hard metal or reinforced glass. The ground is smooth yet hard like pavement. I turn to the side to stare at my reflection in a window. It's the same as the girl next to me.

I stand up to look more closely at my reflection.  The same locket with rubies embedded into it instead hangs on my neck. The sun hits my hair just right showing off the highlights in my hair. Thinking to myself I wonder if they're natural highlights. I try to remember if i got them from a parent but all that pops into my mind is a blurry fog. I try to recall anything at all but I don't even remember my name. I start listing names in my head, trying to jog my memory Samantha? No Amy? Absolutely not! angel....maybe? "This is useless" I whisper.

I walk over to the girl and pick her up in my arms bridal style and begin to search for a police officer or hospital. As I walk down the alley I feel a chill up my spine as If someone was watching me.

Three officers whip around the corner walking towards me in shiny metallic blue armored suits lined with gold. Armored masks covered their faces leaving their identities a mystery. They all have an emblem of an atom with some letters I could not make out. They pointed there guns at me and the girl and shouted "Freeze".

I stood frozen in fear paralyzed to move. I felt my breathing become uneven and my body shake uncontrollably. A sense of terror and helplessness tore at me. What had I done to make these men so angry?

One of them shouted "on the ground monster!"

I shouted back "How am I a monster! I'm just a lost little girl with amnesia! Please help me!"

He looked appalled and said "the cursed are demons. Go back to hell!"

The guns went off with a loud bang making my ears pop. I dropped the girl onto the ground and threw my arms out defensively. The bullets winked out of existence, reappearing behind the officers. The bullets tore through their armor as if they were designed to do so.

A pool of scarlet blood pooled around their bodies. I collapsed to the ground shaking. I might have killed them. A voice in the back of my mind whispered, you did. They probably had families and people who care about them. I banished the horrible thoughts from my mind and looked down at the girl who I had dropped.

A sense of the need to protect her washed over me. My instincts kicked in and I picked her up again. I thought about what I had done with the bullets teleporting them. I took a deep breath and felt the world around me shift and bend. The world came back into focus as I stood at the top of a building.

I looked around for an abandoned warehouse or home. A mile to my left I saw what looked to be an old decrepit movie theater. I willed myself there feeling the earth bend and shift. The feeling of teleporting felt somewhat nostalgic but alien and strange at the same time. The street around this building was quiet. There were no people outside at all.

I carried the girl through a broken window. Inside the theatre were rows of reclining chairs. Dust lined the chairs and some of the floor boards were loose. The screen was covered by a red curtain that seemed torn in some places. However the place seemed cozy in its own way.

Setting the girl down gently this time onto one of the chairs, I sat down beside her looking at her face. I thought about what I looked like and remembered how similar we looked. Perhaps she was my identical twin I thought. The girl next to me woke up yawning and smiled.

She said in a sweet and innocent voice "hey sis!"

I looked at her astonished and managed to mutter out "how do you know we're sisters?"

She went to answer the question when a look of confusion washed over her. "I don't know?" she whispered.

I asked her, "Do you know your name?" Her eyes became fearful and full of doubt as she shook her head. I sighed and leaned back in my chair. The image of the lockets we were popped into my head. I looked at her and said, "For now on I will call you sapphire after the necklace you wear. You can call me ruby since my locket has rubies!"

She smiled beaming at me and said "call me saph instead!" I nodded and curled up in the chair tired from everything that happened. The gruesome images of the officers dying popped into my head and I began to sob. My sister pulled me into her allowing me to feel a familiar warmth as I fell asleep on her shoulder forgetting the terrible images.

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