Louis Tomlinson, Eleanor Calder {Elounor imagine} ♡

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"Darling, come to Paris with me" Louis texted Eleanor, as she sat on a cafe in LA with her friend Lani. She smiled ever so cute, as she immediately texted him back. "Come to LA right now my love, then I'll come to Paris with you, love you! Xx" "Who's texting you love?" Lani asked smiling. "Louis" Eleanor replied smiling back. "Aw, it's so lovely he can make you smile so much" Lani said. "It really is, he is too good to me" Eleanor said, now smiling again, as Louis texted. "Actually already on my way to LA baby :D x" "Perfect, see you soon then my love, love you so much!! Xx" Eleanor ended texting. 

Eleanor has just said goodbye to Lani, and is now sitting in her hotel room, reading a fashion magazine. As she's sitting there with her back facing the door, the door slowly gets open. It's Louis walking in. He smiles as he sees her sitting there being lovely as she is. He quietly places his bag down on the floor, and then quietly walks towards her. As he now sits down behind her, and places his hand on her waist, she gives out a adorable scream. He giggles. She turns around to face him. "Hi baby" he said smiling. "You scared me my love, hi" she said adorably, now wrapping her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. "I've missed you" she told him. "I've missed you more baby" he replied. As he faced her again, he wrapped his arms around her, kissing her lips passionately.

"So baby, I need a answer, you know about Paris" he began to say smiling. "My answer is of course yes my love" she replied, softly stroking his cheek. "Perfect darling" he replied. She now grabbed her phone, then taking a picture of him. "Hey darling, why you do that?" he asked, looking surprised and cute. "You just look so lovely with your messy hair" she replied cutely, immediately posting the picture on her Instagram. "Baby, delete that" he told her. "No my love, you're beautiful" she replied smiling, looking down on her phone. "Then I have to tickle you baby" he began to say. "You wouldn't do that love" she said. As she now faced him, he looked at her having this evil smile on his face. 

"Love, no" she said to him. He just nodded smiling. He then jumped on her, tickling her. She laughed out loud, as she lied down on the sofa, with him lying on top of her tickling her. He loved that laugh of hers so much. "Love, stop it, I can't breathe" she said laughing. He just giggled, but of course then stopped. He lied down next to her, wrapping his leg around hers. "Sorry about that baby" he said smiling lovely at her. "I don't like you" she said, but with a smile. "Well, I love you baby" he said smiling, slowly grabbing her hand tight. "I love you too my love" she said. He smiled. He then pulled her close into his chest, and kissed her lips softly. "Wanna go out eat later? I'll pay" he asked. She nodded smiling. "Perfect darling" He then tiredly closed his eyes. She stroked his cheek, while saying to him. "I love you" "I love you baby" he said with a tiredly voice.

The end!

I LOVE ELOUNOR, that's why I wrote this imagine. I know many hates her and thinks her relationship to Louis is fake, but that's just ridiculous, Elounor is so real, say what you want, but they are. Eleanor is a human like us, stop the hate! x

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