Chapter 29

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Madison's POV


Why, why did he have to show up when my life was just starting to piece back together. I haven't left this room for the past week and Adam has tried talking to him, but I push him away. He can't just walk back into my life after leaving me stranded to suffer on my own. Does he know the shit I went through?! I bet he doesn't care. He does care and you know it, Madison. Ugh, there goes the voice in my head arguing with me for the past few days since we reunited. I don't even argue with it anymore because it's pointless. I'm so emotionless right now and have forgotten what emotions are. Cameron's probably enjoying his life and that makes me happy. I've been his source of stress ever since he adopted me. My phone buzzed and I ignored it like the other 500 times throughout the week. Did my number leak? This time it kept vibrating non-stop so I picked it up.


I miss you so much and I need you to tell me why your not picking up.

I sighed when I felt the tears rushing to my eyes as I read a bunch of other texts from him like that. I know that talking to him will leave me even more empty so I can't. There was a knock at the door so I sighed again and put on a fake smile. The door opened and Aaliyah walked in with a bunch of envelopes in her hand.

"Uhm, we have letters from Shawn and Cameron. Uh, these are yours and there is a lot", she said and laughed nervously. I chuckled and walked over to her before hugging her. She was shocked at first, but hugged me back as I started to speak.

"Thanks for putting up with me these past few days, I'm sorry", I whispered and pulled away to look a her.

"It's okay... I'll leave so you can continue to mope around because I know your not done", she answered and quietly walked out.

I put the letters on my bed and sat across from it, deciding on if I should or shouldn't open them. I sat up and noticed something. They all had labels on them but one caught my eye. I reached over and grabbed it while opening it slowly, curiosity defeated me.

Open this when your struggling, but don't want to tell anyone...

I started reading it and my eyes got blurry as my tears started pouring out. I couldn't hold it in anymore, and I couldn't tell if they were happy tears or not.

Dear Mads,

These were hard to write but I tried. I knew that you would struggle so this was my way of coping with the fact you were going to rehab soon. If you have opened this, then that means that your struggling with your problems right now. But could you do one thing for me? Don't EVER stop fighting until you win for me, princess. Keep your head high so your tiara doesn't fall off. Fix how crooked you let it be and wear it with pride. Show everyone that your MY princess. You've probably have caught other things on your mind right now, but don't sit around and mope. I know Aaliyah's there because Shawn had told me. You need to help her too and we both know it. At this point, I bet your being stubborn and avoiding any socializing. LET ME IN. My ears are always waiting for you to let me in. And my arms are waiting to hug you when you get back. I have a little present for you in the envelope because I just found the gift you left in my shoe on my birthday. I love it and I'm sorry I didn't find it until you left. Love you baby-girl, with all my heart. Your Dad, Cameron

I wiped my tears and repeated it in my head. 'Don't stop fighting until you win for me, princess.' Gift? What gift? I reached for the envelope that fell on the floor and felt around it.I stopped when something round was in there. I quickly dumped it out on my hand and started sobbing again at the sight of it. It was another brass ring like the one on my bracelet that Cameron gave me. I looked at it and saw that it said 'keep your head high, princess. The memory came back of what Cameron was talking about. I remember that I got him another bracelet that said 'keep your head high, dad'. I smiled the thought of it. I put the bracelet on with my other one and grabbed my phone. He doesn't deserve me ignoring him whatsoever. I needed to text him or call him or something. I needed him right now and could no longer push him away.

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