Chapter 4 - On The Way To Italy

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I opened my eyes Charles had shot Allen in the forehead first he fell to the side.

"Let's get out of here." He said helping me up.

"Good Idea."

We began jogging down the hallways looking for an exit when. My phone rang. I answered it, it was the Chief.

"Rhett Leboski is in Italy, your bags are in your hotel in Italy, there is a black car at the end of the drive the keys are in the ignition. You forty three minutes to catch your flight your ticket are in the glove box. A clean up crew is on the way."

I put down the phone and kept running.

"Who was that?"

"Cheif... Rhett's in Italy... So are our bags...there is car outside for us."

We could hear footsteps and yelling comming quickly up the highway.  I looked up at Charles.


We ran up the, hallway and turned right. I saw Charles stop and look out the window ahead of me. He looking out the window at the car that was for us. He rose his arm and hit the window with his elbow.


"This isn't the movies, come on!"

I passed him and he contined to run behind me. I noticed more stairs so we went down hoping to find the exit. I slipped and almost fell but the railing caught me.

Finally we found a door out. We burst out the door and. ran across the perfectly trimmed lawn. I could barely see the black car through the darkness of the night. We ran out to the car Charles got into the driver's side of the car and I jumped over the trunk then got in the passenger side. I shut the door.

"Jumping the trunk in dress, this isn't the movies." Charles said.

I shot him a devilish smile.

"Charles! Go! We have a flight to catch!" I said while hitting the dashboard.

Charles floored the gas pedal and we zoomed down the black road and off to the airport.

"Why do you think Rhett's in Italy?"

"Probably spreading information. I mean,like, why was Allen in Paris."


After a few more minutes we arrived at the airport. I quickly grabbed the tickets and ran inside.

The airport had barely any people in it.  We quickly went through security and darted to our gate. We handed the woman our tickets and walked to our seats. We passed many of the rows because we were near the back of the plane.  We passed the first four rows ,no one, the next three rows, no one, and this continued until we were at our seats. I sat down and  asked the stewardess:

"Are we the only one on this flight?"

"Almost I believe there is one more gentle man in first class."

She smiled and left to the front of the plane.

"What now?"

"We relax and hope that the man in first class isn't Rhett."

I laughed and reached for my iPhone. I turned it on and was looking at S.O.P. 's

criminal description of Rhett.

Flight seemed to pass very quickly I might have been the fact that I fell asleep, stretched out on a row to myself.

The whole way to the hotel I couldn't stop thinking about the man that met at the gala. I wish I would have at least gotten his name. I wish I could see him again.

Our car arrived at the hotel I walked into the beautiful hotel lobby and got my key and walked into the gorgeous old style elevator with Charles. We said nothing. Charles' room was on a different floor than mine so he got off, before the door closed he turned and said.


I nodded yes as the doors closed.

I walked to my room looked up at the huge beige door on the top part of the door there was a dark brown wood with the number 678 written in gold on the door. I opened the door and noticed that my bags were on the bed along with a brand new MacBook air. I sat on my bed and started channel surfing when I heard a knock at my door. I stood up slowly and walked over to the door and looked through the peephole. It was the man I danced with at the gala