Chapter Fourteen: Jason

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A/N: There has been about a two-three month time skip because if I were to write the whole journey to the Underworld, every chapter would go along the lines of this...

Jason: *walking in the woods silently, sometimes fighting*

Percy & Ashton: *frolicking in the woods, laughing and giggling but being bad booties while fighting*

So yeah.. It would be pretty boring for a while...

Livy's A/N: ALSO I haven't been writing much.... so.. sorry? #NoRegrets

About two months later, we arrived in California. From there we would would enter the underworld by means of the Hollywood sign; this idea came from Percy and Ashton. But, when we got there, we found more than just the entrance to the Underworld.

~Que a little flashback thingy~

Percy, Ashton, and I had just arrived at the Hollywood sign, and were greeted by a rather strange sight. A small girl was sitting near it, dressed in a black windbreaker, light grey skinny jeans, black and white knee high converse, and a black beanie to keep her warm from the wind. Her chin length red hair had some sort of a shine to it, as it reflected the light of the dim sun. When she looked up at us, I noticed she had dark brown eyes.

"Who are you?" She asked, standing up. After she stood up I saw she was about our age, well, excluding Ashton. She swayed a little on her feet, as if fatigued by a lot of activity.

"I'm Ashton, daughter of Hades. Who are you?" Ashton asked, taking a brave step towards the tired girl.

"I-I'm Jenna... daughter of Hyp-Hypnos." Her red hair swung as she wobbled.

I introduced myself, then Percy. Jenna put a hand to her forehead and groaned. Ashton walked over to her.

"Hey," Ashton said quietly, putting a hand on Jenna's shoulder. "You okay?"

When Jenna spoke, her voice trembled and the words came out with large breaks in between them, as is she was always out of breath. "Yeah... just... to much... running."

Almost as soon as the words left Jenna's mouth, her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out.

"Oh gods!" Ashton cried and caught Jenna before her head hit the rocks. "Perce, Jase, help me! She's small but heavier than she looks!"

We approached at a jog. Percy came over on Ashton's side and I on the other. We took Jenna's shoulders and laid her gently down on the ground.

"Huh," I muttered.

"Did she pass out because she's a Hypnos kid or is something wrong?" Percy wondered. Ashton sat down by Jenna.

"This wasn't Hypnos child sleeping." Ashton murmured. "I should know, I-"

Her voice caught in her throat. I didn't press it and Percy put a hand on her shoulder. He gave her a sympathetic look. Gods, he's cute when he's like that, I thought. I shook my head. Nevermind. Ashton laid her head in the crook of Percy's neck, and small, quiet sounds of crying followed. Percy rested his head on top of hers, and placed a hand on her back.

There was a spark (haha I'm punny) in my heart when I saw the two of them.

"Ashton, what's wrong?" Percy whispered quietly. Ashton brought her head up, and wiped her eyes. I sat by Jenna's head.

"Hey," I said, "Mother truckers, are we just going to ignore the passed out and probably about to die here girl?"

At that moment Jenna's eyes screwed up in pain. She thrashed around a little and grabbed onto my wrist with an iron grip. My eyes widened a little and Percy raised his eyebrows questioningly. Jenna's thin lips moved and formed words but no sound came out. Her grip on my wrist was beginning to hurt and... it was slowly getting warmer? Suddenly her eyes popped open. The brown around pupil filled up almost her whole eye. Her eyes slid slowly over to me and locked onto my face. Jenna's other hand gripped the same wrist tightly. I could hardly feel my fingers and the skin where she was gripping was getting uncomfortably hot.

Jenna sat up slowly, her gaze never leaving me. She started leaning towards my face and I couldn't seem to move. Her lips were pulled into a thin smile, revealing surprisingly whitish teeth. Jenna kept moving closer and closer. Was she.... Going to.... Kiss me? I started to back my head up, but her cherry blossom colored lips moved past my mouth and to my ear. Her eyelids lowered and I could feel her breath on my ear.

"Watch out, Jason Grace. The journey to death is an easy one, but yet you seem to escape it, over and over. " she whispered, almost seductively, in my ear.

Her hands were red hot on my wrist. Even though I wanted to, something was keeping me from screaming or moving. Jenna's body was blocking the view of Percy and Ashton so I couldn't see them.

"Somehow... you are still alive." Jenna blinked slowly. When I stole a glance at her face again, her eyes were a hard, angry orange, even the previous whites of her eyes. A gasp echoed out of my throat. Jenna let out a little giggle.

"My warning still stands, Grace," Jenna whispered, squeezing my wrist a little tighter. "Watch out. Daddy told me of some very powerful people who want you dead. You and everyone you are acquainted with. Daddy's looking out for you, Grace. He thinks you're special. He told me to warn you. "

Jenna let go of my wrist but before I could look at it she cupped the sides of my neck with her hands, straddled my waist and stared at me with those orange eyes.

"This is what Daddy wants to say to you." Jenna seemed to stare off into the distance, unseeing. When she spoke, her voice was much deeper and raspier than her own: "Jason Grace. I am Hypnos. I am warning you here, now, for there are some very bad events in your future." There was a pause. "Whatever you do to fight this, Jason, do not go to the Underworld. No matter what. You must not go there. Promise, Jason! Promise me you won't go!"

"I.... promise?" I said.

"Good," Hypnos-Jenna said. "You have promise in life. Do not waste it."

And with that, Jenna's eyes turned back to their normal brown, rolled back into her head, and collapsed into my chest. 

A/N: So, I just wanna do a quick shout out to @canyoubemyfour for helping out with this chappie~!  

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