Frerard (chapter 3)

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Frank's P.O.V

Holy shit, I'm so wasted I can't even count to whatever number comes after 2.

Playing spin the bottle whilst drunk is sooo fun, you just dunno what the fuck

you're doing and it feels so good. I got to kiss a Mikey guy? I dunno, but he was

okay looking. As I leaned in to kiss him, I head someone shout "NOOOO!"

And then the door slammed really loudly, everyone left me and I was lying on 

the floor, puzzled as hell.

Gerard's P.O.V

I couldn't take it, I couldn't see this. My boyfriend and brother. No. No fucking way.

I ran, I didn't even know where I was going but I just kept on running, as far away as

I could. I pushed some gate, and went down some steps which led to a river. For a

few moments I just sat there and stared out, holding back my tears. But after 20

minutes, I just let it all out, I cried until I could cry no more. Suddenly I remembered,

I reached into my back pocket and found it. My old friend. My comfort in these

kinda times. Slowly, I held it above my arm, then, I pressed into my wrist, not deep

enough to kill but deep enough so I could feel the pain physically that I was feeling


Then, I felt someone tap my shoulder, I turned around to see... Ray?


"I... I can't take it Ray! After 5 fucking years of being bullied for my sexuality, I finally

get a boyfriend then he goes fucking kissing my brother! Game of not!"

"Gee, he didn't kiss him, Frank's wasted, he doesn't know what he's doing."

"You... I... the- they didn't kiss?"

"Nope, you idiot!"


And with that, I grabbed Ray's hand and ran back to the house, I found Frank there

sat in a ball weeping to himself, he was drunk alright.

"Frank, what the fuck man?"

"Ger hi, I though I was gon be lef by myse-"


He'd passed out on the floor, what an idiot! I picked him up and carried him up to

what I guessed was his room, posters everywhere, CD's piled high and various guitars.

One really caught my eye, it was white and had "PANSY" lettered on it, it was almost

as beautiful as my boyfriend, but it just wasn't quite there.

Mikey's P.O.V

I was so fucking close, why did Ger have to ruin it? Fucking twat! I was that close

to kissing my crush! I was beyond pissed off, I crept up the stairs silently, and headed

down to where I could see the outline of Gerard.


All I could see was blackness.

"Mikes, Mikes! Wake up!"


"Sorry! I accidently knocked you out with Frankie's guitar!"

"Oh yes, about Frankie, Gerard."

"What are you ta-?"

"He's mine Gerard. I love him, and I wanna be with him. Break up with him before

I cause some serious shit, okay?"

"Fuck you Mikey, you're not getting my boy, okay? I don't care how much you want

him, but unless he breaks up with me for you, no can fucking do."

"Oh, trust me he'll break up with you."

"Haha, fuck you."

Frank's P.O.V

I woke up next morning with the biggest headache ever, my only comfort, some

protective arms around me.

"Gee baby"


"My fucking head Gee, my fucking head"

"It's okay Frankie, you get back to sleep gorgeous"

I died a little inside hearing the word "gorgeous". He was the first person to call me that.

Fuck this headache.

I turned round and wrapped my arms around him, and put my head on his chest.




"I wanna be with you forever"

"Me too, Frankie, me too"

And with that, we proceeded into a long, romantic kiss.

"Gerd, you know later today.. my dad's gonna be here, and I'll have to suffer whatever

he decides, so, it'll probably be safer for you to leave soon, incase he turns on you."

"You're not staying here with that monster, Frankie, pack a bag and get to my house,

I won't have any human bring harm to you, you're too special."

"You're fucking amazing you Gerard!"

"It's only for you baby."

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