Frerard (chapter 2)

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Mikey's P.O.V

I couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of Gee, he didn't know I was also bisexual.

I cover it up so well, I've never had a boyfriend, but I did have a girlfriend, but due

to my feelings for guys it didn't work out, she never found out the real reason though.

Gee only takes me for this hyperactive 15 year old boy, which was probably true. But

I knew when I first saw Frankie, that he should be mine. He was absolutely stunning,

and I knew that if he was mine, he'd be happier than Gee will ever make him, but 

would he ever listen to me? I doubt it.

I needed a plan, a plan that would get Frankie to fall for me instead of Gerard. I could

see why he'd fell for Gerard, even though he's my brother I'll admit that he's incredibly

hot. Anyway, my plan would be, to get Frankie to meet me somewhere when he 

wasn't joint at the hip with Gee, and I'd show him what he knows he'd love to have.

Frank's P.O.V

Ahh, Gerard had a sweet brother indeed! He's cute and hyper, 2 things I wish I was

at that age, but now at 17, I'm emo looking and depressed. And Gerard, well he was

just the most fucking beautiful thing ever. 

"So Frankie, I should probably tell you my secret too, considering  you told me yours"

I looked up at him, his smile gone and an emotionless face replaced it.

"Go on, Gee..."

"Well, this'll explain it" He rolled up his sleeves to reveal about 40 cuts up his arm.

"Holy fuck Gee! Why?! You're so amazing and beautiful! Why would you do that?"

"Because of the bastards at school, they drove me to this, before I met you I had

nothing to live for, you saved me Frankie, you really did."

I felt my eyes pricking up again "I love you, Geetard"

"I love you too, baby"

*1 week later*

Gerard's P.O.V

*RING RING* "H-hello?" I said, still half asleep

"Hi! My old friends, Bob and Ray are coming to my house, we were wondering

if you wanted to catch a movie?" Frank said, cheerfully.

"Sure! What time?"

"We'll pick you up in an hour, we're gonna go into town, y'know, do some crazy

shit with Ray's board and Bob's spray paint, gonna be a blast! Then we'll go see

Hostel and have a party at mine later on! And does Mikes wanna come too?

Ray was wondering"

"I'll ask now.. HEY MIKES! Wanna come out today and to a party later? Great!

Okay Frankie, seeya soon babe, I love you!"

"Love you Geegee!"

*BEEP- Call ended*

Fuck it! What was I gonna wear? What are Bob and Ray like? Will I make a good

impression in front of them? Oh god!

I threw on my ripped jeans, some Chucks, a white tee and red hoodie, brushed 

my hair and left it in its usual messy-half-covering-my-face state and put on some

black eyeliner. I then went and sat in the living room with Mikes, waiting for the guys.


"Geeeeeeeeeee! We're hereeeeeeeeeeeee!" 


"Hey! you guys ready?"


"Great, lets go!"

*6 hours later*

"Alright everyone, party time! Are you ready, Ray?"

"Yeah I am"

"How bout you, Frank?"

"Oh I'm there, baby!"

"How bout you, Moikoi?"

"Fucking ready"

"Well, I think I'm alright, and so is Gee with that smile" Bob teased.

They all went in and raided the kitchen, me and Frank hung back though.

"Gerard, promise me one thing tonight?" Frank looked at me, pain in his eyes.

"What baby?" I asked, concerned as hell.

"Please don't drink too much, I don't want any of the guys getting it on with you."

"I promise, for you."

"Thank you."

After 3 hours of raving, we all sat down.

"Spin the bottle my friends?" Bob shouted

"FUCK YEAH!" Everyone screamed, enthusiastically.

"Okay, I'll spin first!"

First it landed on Frankie, I sat there, biting my nail furiously.

Second it landed on Mikey, wait.. MIKEY KISSING MY FUCKING BOYFRIEND?


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