Frerard (Chapter 1)

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Gerard's P.O.V-

"Gerard! Get downstairs right this fucking minute!" I heard my mom call.

Probably another letter off school, skipping classes, low grades, caught

smoking on school premises... again, the usual bullshit they actually care


"Yeah, mother?" I asked

"Skipping PE, again young man? Why this time?"

I wasn't ready to tell her the real reason, which was of course, if I went I'd

get beaten up, spat on, called an emo faggot, yes, I'm gay. So why should

I wanna be there? 

"Because, mom, it's a fucking pointless lesson and I don't

feel the need to be there because it's never gonna become a part of my

life. Now can I go get ready for school and get the fuck outta here?"

"Whatever, Gerard. But one more letter and you're moving schools."

Oh, how I fucking wish I could move schools, to one where I don't get bullied

because of my sexuality. 

"GEE HIYA GEE HIYAHIYAHIYA!" Oh great, the little brother on a sugar rush, just

what I need.

"Oh hey, Mikes. I need to go get ready, so move please"

"But Geeeeeee-"

"I SAID FUCKING MOVE!" Damn, what a bitch I was.

Frank's P.O.V


SHIT. I'd slept in, and it was my first day at my new school.

I threw on some navy blue skinny jeans, some black Doc Martens, a plain black

tee and my all time favourite misfits hoodie. I smudged on red eyeliner, spiked

up my hair and then observed myself in the mirror. "Emo faggot" "short bastard"

"Fucked up" I thought. Just like everybody else. 7:47am fuck fuck fuck, school

at 8. I slid down the banister, grabbed my schoolbag and ran out the house and

round the corner to my new school. I stopped and studied what was in front of me,

A tall grey building with 5 floors, a giant playground, an astroturf and a massive field

which I guessed would probably continue further out round the back. Unwillingly,

I trudged into the giant building, and made my way to the main office.

"Hi! How may I help you young man?" A small woman with bleached hair and a

fake smile spoke. 

"Hello, I'm Frank Iero, the new student here?" I said, biting my bottom lip.

"Oh, of course! Follow me to your homeroom, Mr. Iero!"

I followed her down the long, dull corridor and up 3 flights of stairs until I reached

room 78. "Here we are, good luck, Frank!"

"Thanks" I smiled, and slowly opened the door.

Gerard's P.O.V

I was sat in the homeroom, doodling on my maths book, because I was the emo

loner who sat at the back with nobody to socialize with, then suddenly, the door

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