Chapter Twenty Six

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Scott's P.O.V.

"Am I doing well so far?" I ask Abby as we drive away from the building.

"Aside from nearly k-killing us in a h-helicopter?" She asks as she pouts adorably. "Just peachy."

"C'mon," I say turning to her as we stop at a red light. "You can't be mad just because I clipped the side of that building."

"Are you l-listening to yourself?" She asks staring at me with wide eyes. "You c-could h-have k-killed us. W-what if we hadn't just c-clipped the building? I c-could be in the-"

"If you don't stop talking," I say already smirking as I begin to drive again. " I'm going to kiss you."

I see her about to say something, but she must decide against it because she just sits back and looks out the window. I know she's probably wondering when we're going I get back to the dorms, I had originally planned to be finished with the helicopter ride around 10:30, but I guess I got a little carried away since it's nearly midnight.

By the time we pull into the parking lot of the last place we're headed i'm pretty much already sweating. I haven't been here with anyone for a good two years and I could basically feel the excitement radiating off of Abby as soon as we pull into the parking lot.

"Ice cream!" She squeals. Ah...what the hell is wrong with me? That squeal should not be a turn on.

I shake my head at myself, and yes I'm talking about my actual head, before climbing out and jogging over to help Abby out of her side.

"F-feeling gentlemanly tonight?" She asks as we all towards the ice cream shop.

"You have no idea."


Abby's P.O.V

As soon as we get into the small ice cream shop Scott I nearly tackled by a blonde.

"Scott!" She shouts in his ear but sh doesn't stop hugging him. I take a step back from them and stare at the ground.

"Brittany," Scott chuckles before pulling away a little. But she still has her arms around his neck and his are still attached to her waist. I clear my throat, solely because my throat is scratchy, not for any other reason. Scott furrows his eyebrows and looks over at me before taking a step back from brittany.

"Oh you're here with someone?"she says to Scott before turning towards me.

"Yeah this is my friend Abby," Scott says before tossing his arm around my shoulder which ultimately makes it harder for me to maintain balance on my crutched with the added body weight. That being said, I end up falling to the ground and I can hear Scott's laughter from above me. But then, for some reason he just stops laughing altogether.

"Need some help?" Surprisingly the man kneeling before me isn't Scott, but he's definitely handsome. He must be one of the waiters here and Brittany must be a waitress.

"Y-yeah," I say and the man sticks his hand out to help me up before Scott appears next to me.

"I've got her man," Scott says sticking his hand out to help me up. But I decide to ignore him and instead take the other man's hand.

"So who're you here with?" He asks me when I'm completely standing again. It should be pretty obvious that I'm either here with Scott or the creepy dude sitting in the back of the restaurant considering its half past midnight.

"I'm h-here with," I look over at Scott and he raises his eyebrow. "A friend."

"Do you want your crutches back now?" Scott asks gritting his teeth and glaring at the way I'm holding hands with this stranger. I let go of the man's hand and take my crutches from Scott.

"Scott," the man says before pulling Scott into a bro type hug thing.

"Ryan," Scott mutters as he continued stare at me over Ryan's shoulder.

"Are you alright?" Brittany asks placing a hand on my shoulder.

"F-fine," I say shifting uncomfortably.

"I'm Brittany," she says smiling at Mr warmly. "And of course you've just met my son Ryan."

Holy shit, she's a mom? She looks like a teenager.

"Abby," I say simply. "N-nice to meet y-you."

"Likewise," she says before looking at Scott again. "Take a seat anywhere, order when you're ready."

Scott nods and we begin walking over towards a booth, but I don't miss the wink that Ryan sends my way.

"I hate that guy," Scott says as soon as we sit down.

"W-why?" I ask, Scott seems to hate a lot of people. "He seems like a n-nice guy."

"Yeah," he says grunting. "But he doesn't know how to keep his hands off of what's mine."


Okay, not gonna lie, I can't decide IG this is really attractive or just creepy.

"Sorry," he says shaking his head and chuckling. "That sounded really creepy, but I promise I won't kidnap you...yet."

"Okay," I say nodding. "B-but what are we d-doing here so late?"

"You know you're the first person I've come here with in two years," Scott says not answering my question.


"Daniel and I used to come here everyday after school since seventh grade," he says with a small smile on his face. "He said that coming here was his way of getting away from all the richness in our family. He doesn't want to be like some of my family, he didn't want to become snobby because of money. So this was our way of having a mini reality check everyday. Because he didn't want to change. I don't want to change."

I look at Scott and see that he still isn't looking at me completely. I think this is probably the most he's ever opened up to me about his family, and to think a couple days ago I didn't even know he had another brother.

"But I feel like its inevitable that I'm going to lose myself," he says staring at the table now and running a hand through his hair. "I was losing myself, especially after what happened with Daniel. I got caught up with the wrong people and drinking and whatnot, then Falon came back and knocked up my ex girlfriend... Anyways, what I'm trying to say is...thank you."


"I thought I would get worse once college started, I figured I would always be partying and whatnot," he says as he finally looks up into my eyes. "But then you moved into my dorm with me, and you kept me sane. You changed me, but in a good way."

"W-why're you saying all of t-this?" I ask him, praying that I don't start crying because my mascara is not water resistant.

"I want to make it official," he says taking a deep breath before looking up at me with his bright eyes. "Will you be my girlfriend?"


I'm back! So sorry that I kind of just dissapeared, my spring break has been a lot more packed than I anticipated. And now I have yo take the PSAT's on Tuesday ;( so I've been studying like crazy. Anyways, as a gift to you I got past my writers block and wrote this, hope you all enjoyed this rather short chapter! Love you all!!!





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