Chapter 19: Fuu and the Nanabi

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“So Hanzaki decided against joining Konoha then?” Tsunade asked looking over the Rice report after Naruto and Jiraiya had delivered it as well as giving an oral summary. “That’s a shame, the Fuma clan numbers are near triple digits; they would have been quite the boon to Konoha.” Tsunade mused as she soon rolled up the reports. “Good work you two, I’ll have your pay sent to your bank accounts.”

Naruto nodded and turned on his heel to leave, believing that was a dismissal.

“Naruto,” the blonde turned to face Tsunade once more. “I already have another mission lined up for you. If you’d want to wait until tomorrow, I might be able to arrange it but it’s a C-ranked mission with Team 7.”

Naruto thought about it for a moment. He wasn’t tired per say but he did want to go home, sleep in his own bed and get a good hot shower. He tucked his arms behind his back. “I’ll do the mission today Hokage-sama.” He said politely.

Tsunade nodded slightly. “Team 7, with Kakashi in command, is escorting a high ranking official from Taki back home. Shibuki is already with Team 7, they’re heading out in an hour. You have that long to prepare however you see fit.”

Naruto offered a nod of his head before turning to leave quickly. First stop was home; he got a shower and knocked back a cup of ramen that he had made a clone to make while he was in the shower. Then he headed out in a different jumpsuit.

He needed some new threads.

Naruto headed to Tomoe Threads once more and got to work with both Sanosuke and Cho to get him some new outfits, as well as a variety to the outfits.

Granted, he only had about forty minutes really to get the work done, but Sanosuke and Cho were skilled at what they did and they already had his sizes. In thirty minutes he had an outfit he could work with and he paid them for it and about a dozen others that would be delivered to his home.

It took up a great deal of his money, but he had clothes that fit now.

Naruto’s new outfit consisted of a black sleeveless top that hugged close to his chest. Sanosuke said it was made of microfilament wires woven together to be quite powerful. They would resist movement, making it great for body armor so long as you had the sleeves removed. Naruto still had most of his range of movement, though he wouldn’t be going for an over the head draw anytime soon. It took a little too long.

The pants were made of leather armor laced again with the microfilament wires. The leather was well worked and worn with oils to make it flexible and movable. Naruto tucked his top into his pants, giving the illusion that it was all one solid piece.

Leather harnesses hung from his waist and back, the Kusanagi at his lower back for a reverse handed draw. His mother’s sword was done the same only on the other hip, allowing him to draw both swords in a reverse handed draw. Of course, it took but a moment for him to get used to flipping them back around the proper way so he could fight a little easier.

He also got a pair of steel toed boots to protect his feet, much like the ones he already had.

His holster went into a built in compartment of the black leather, with his black kunai it looked like he just pulled it from the shadows. A set of silver bracers that extended from his wrists to the middle of his forearms held seals that would hold all of his scrolls.

Naruto ran across the rooftops after paying for the outfit and skidded to a halt in front of the rooftop just as Kakashi arrived with Shibuki. “Yo!” Naruto said with a casual wave. “Chunin Uzumaki Naruto reporting!” he called cheerfully.

Kakashi chuckled a little bit, seeing the stunned looks on both Sasuke and Sakura. Since the Snow mission, they hadn’t been having as many missions together and Naruto had been growing in leaps and bounds. He was now easily taller than Sakura and he was getting to be built. Kakashi shut his book and tucked it away, noticing Shibuki looking at his fellow Chunin.

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