0) The B Team

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"B Team" They yelled.

We jumped to positions.

Me in central striking position,

Jessie on the left wing,

Michael on the right wing.

Lauren and Dylan on either side of the midfield, 

Jasmine in central midfield.

Daniel, Ricardo, Rosie and Ruby in defence.

And Sammy in goal.

B Team you wonder?

Why are you called that?

Think about it?

"Rosie" I call out excitedly, Rosie kicked it away from her backwards. 

"Sammy" I cried putting my hands over my eyes, Sammy gasped as the ball came toward her. I opened my eyes and saw Ricardo run to it. Sammy screamed and ran out of goal. Ricardo tried everything to stop the ball going into the goal, but it just seemed to go in.

Are you still not sure why we're called B Team?

"Adam shoot! Adam shoot!" They all cried, I shot the ball with my left foot and let it blaze through the goal.

"Adam!" They cheered

Well... Why they're called the B team?

Their forwards charged at us and on instinct, I tripped one up right in front of me and he turned around glaring at me, I chuckled at his naiveity, he pushed me, so I pushed him harder.

"Sorry" I smirked watching the failure on the floor.

"Penalty to Highbury" The Referee said also putting a yellow card up for me.

Okay, maybe why we're all called The B Team.

Luke's chapter BD

Umm... This is going to be based in one of my made up places.

Either South something or Highbury ;D Or Park Vale.

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