Chapter 29 | Liberty

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After the shooting incident, Killian only grows more distant. Reminding Emma of the way he'd been that first week after she'd patched him up in that cheap motel six back in California; It's not that he's not talking to her, but she's noticed he's become cold, definitely less inclined to start a conversation and when she does he keeps his lengthy replies to a minimum.

It's odd.. Killian's still here, but Emma feels this longing.. like she just misses him. Just to see him smile, she'd do anything he wanted her to. It would be worth all that's lost.

Taking the fact he's not talking to her as a bad sign, Emma sighs. Even though she loves this little town and its inhabitants that have become like family to her, she's looking forward to the day the snow melts so that Killian and her can leave and get back on the road. Maybe then, we can return to how things were?

And yet, when that day comes, and the snow begins melting away she's nowhere near ready to go.

"We should hand in our two-weeks notice today." Emma says, gripping the steering wheel tightly because she's not used to driving in the slush that the road is covered in it.
Keeping her eyes forward she looks on keenly at the road before her because she doesn't want to look at Killian... She's afraid that he'd read her reluctance and call her out for breaking her promise.

Emma agreed she'd go to this "Storybrooke" with him, but that was a month ago. That was Before she learned to how it was to live with the routine of being with him, or being "married" to him, without actually being with him.

"We should," Killian agrees noncommittally, and since she can hear a smile in his voice, emma kicks herself because she's physically unable to resist glancing at him. Sure enough - She's met with his knowing smile, "But... if you'd rather stay here, love, we can."

His smile grows wider because Emma looks completely stunned, her jaw going slack as her face brightened. Killian tilts his head in a way that does stuff to her, toward the windshield before she can say anything. "Watch the road, darling."

She grinned for a minute, before she found her voice. "You don't want to go to Storybrooke anymore?" Emma asks, as she parks the bug in front of the Sherriff's Station, her blonde eyebrows coming together in a confused as she frowned because wasn't it supposedly a place where her destiny was? He was so dead set on going there, Recently he talked to her about a way to avenge his Milah, given the right chance he may be able to in storybrooke. "Course I do... and I want you to come because your parents are there, love. But I'm not going to force you into it until you're ready." Killian explains, lifting his eyebrow at her because her mouth is gaping while her emerald eyes gleamed at his knowledge of thinks she never shared with him. "Open book, lass." He dismisses.

It's almost like Killian's putting her first, ready to put his revenge on hold for her, and it leaves her breathless with hope. "I'll be ready in two weeks.." Emma smiles, and gets out of the car, walks into the Station while wrapping her arms around herself to fight off the chill that lingers in the snowy air; And tells Officer Lance that her husband and her are only going to stick around for a little while longer so he is going to need to find people to replace them.

Killian is sitting at his desk in the sheriff's department when she returns from lances office, and even though he doesn't say anything, just glances up at her mischievously from under his signature waggling brow ... Emma can tell that he's glad she's keeping her promise despite her fears.

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