Austin Mahone Imagines

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Imagine #6 (Dirty)

It's a Tuesday evening and you decide to cook dinner for Austin before he gets home from his concert. You have never cooked for him so you hope he enjoys it. You come up with the idea to cook him chicken alfredo, macaroni and cheese, and cheese bread all from scratch.

Austin walks in the door just as you're finishing up the macaroni.

Austin: *sniffs* "Mmm it smells so good in here. What are you cooking good looking?"

You: "Mac and cheese, chicken alfredo, and cheese bread aaalll for you" *smiles*

Austin: "Aww baby what'd you do this for?"

You: "For winning your first Moon Man!"

Austin: "Well thanks babe, I can't wait to try it"

You fix his plate and as soon as you set it in front of him he takes a big bite of the alfredo.

You: "You like?"

Austin: *full mouth* "Auuh aaah"

You laugh and fix yourself a plate.

About 30 minutes later you're both finished eating. You see that Austin cleaned his plate and you are so happy. You ate everything but the cheese bread cause you were so full.

Austin: "Oh my God that was so freaking delicious!" *rubs his stomach*

You: "I'm glad you liked it" *smiles*

Austin: "I can't believe you did all that for me"

Austin comes up behind you while you're washing dishes and begins to kiss behind your right ear.

You: *giggle* "You deserved it babe"

Austin keeps kissing down your neck and then you feel him softly bite your earlobe.

You: "Baaabe what are you doing?"

Austin: "I want to repay you for that awesome meal" *continues kissing*

You start to get turned on while Austin runs his soft wet tongue along the rim of your ear.

You: "Austin n-n-not now sweetie"

Austin: "Come on baby YOU deserve it"

He takes the plate you were rinsing off out of your hand and sets it in the sink. Turns you around. And roughly tongue kisses you while his fingers are creeping into your jeans. You can't help but let him have his way so you grip your hands on his strong biceps.

Austin soon slips your tank top off and slides down and plants kisses on your stomach as he begins to unbutton your jeans. After he unbuttons them he pulls them down and throws them to the floor next to your top. He then stands back up to come face to face with you. Roughly kisses you. Grips your hips. And sits you up on the counter. [Reminder, you are still in the kitchen!]

You: "Do we have to do this here? I mean isn't it kind of awkward?"

Austin: "You said you like trying new things" *smiles, kisses your neck*

You just shrug as you slip off his shirt. You gently rub his abs, from bottom to top. When you reach the top you look Austin in the eyes and stare for a while.

Austin: "Haha what?"

You: "I'm just so happy to be with you"

Austin bites his bottom lip and clashes your lips against his. You pull away...

You: "Take your fucking shorts off"

Austin: *smiles* "Ugh God I love when you talk dirty"

You laugh as Austin quickly gets out of his basketball shorts.

Austin: "These too?" *points to boxers*

You: "Mm sure why not"

Austin pulls down his boxers and not long after you take your panties off and forcefully grab Clark and insert him into you. Austin grunts at the action and starts kissing your breasts. Soon small moans escape your mouth and Austin is leaving hickies on your neck and breasts. Austin strokes faster and harder as he unhooks your bra and begins to suck on your nipples.

You: "Ugh Au-Austin I'm gonna cum!"

Austin: "Augh go ahead baby"

About 2 minutes later both you and Austin reach climax. Afterwards he just leaves Clark inside of you and kisses you on the lips repeatedly and rubs your lower back.

You: "Shower?"

Austin: "Do you mean round 2?"


Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I had a bad headache from crying and screaming cause Austin won his first moon man!!!!

I'm so proud of him (:

Not so happy about the rude and unnecessary comments from Taco of Odd Future though. I unfollowed him so it's whatever.

Haters gonna hate, Mahomies gonna love! (:

Thanks for reading (: I love you <3

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