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    THE QUINJET LANDED ON THE TOWER THAT VICTORIA WAS ORDERED TO INTRUDE MONTHS AGO. Who would've thought that months later she would be under nobody's control rather than Hydra's, and living there with her brother and team mates.

She leaned against the wall next to where Steve sat as she watched the team leave, until it was just her, Tony and Steve in the jet. Maria Hill walked in with files in her hands, when she stopped she glanced warily at the ex-assassin.

"I'm not going to bite." Victoria quipped before making a biting gesture with her mouth and clapping her teeth together. Maria rolled her eyes and Vic smirked alongside Steve, who smiled.

"Lab's all set up, boss." Agent Hill called, turning Tony's attention to her. He turned around and pointed to Steve.

"Uh, actually, he's the boss. I just pay for everything, and design everything and make everyone look cooler." Victoria looked down at her attire, which was what she wore as Ultraviolet, even though it was very worn out. She didn't look 'cooler'. She'd have to get Tony to get her a new suit, she decided.

"What's the word on Strucker?" Steve said, getting up and walking towards Maria. Victoria stepped away from the wall, crossing her arms over her abdomen.

"NATO's got him." Good, Victoria thought. She snarled at the thought of the man who kept her trapped her whole life. The three of them looked at her. She smiled.

"The two enhanced?" Steve questioned, walking alongside Maria, who showed him an image of two young adults, on a tablet.

"Wanda and Pietro Maximoff." At the mention of the two kids she trained for the past few years, Victoria was next to Maria in an instant, gripping her shoulder tightly. Not wanting to provoke Victoria into doing anything rash that may harm the people in the jet, Maria spoke calmly to her, judging on her reaction to the twins' names being spoken. "Victoria. Do you know anything on these two?"

Victoria let go, and looked over at the tablet as Steve played the footage on it. The three walked together into the Avengers Tower as Victoria told them basic information on the twins, Maria making a note as she spoke. "Twins. Orphaned at ten when a shell collapsed their apartment building. Sokovia's had a rough history. It's nowhere special but it's on the way to everywhere special. Hydra had many plans for the country. I'd only ever been a few times but..." She trailed off.

"Their abilities?" Steve asked her, urging her to carry on as they walked through a corridor towards an elevator.

"Pietro's got increased metabolism and improved thermal homeostasis. Wanda thing is neural electric interfacing, telekinesis, mental manipulation." She listed off, "I trained them, so they have a little knowledge on hand-to-hand combat. Strucker thought weaponry would make them lazy with their powers."

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