BOBBY ~ Bunny

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"Can I still wait for 1 hour or 30 minutes? I know he'll come. He promised me." I told to this guy again.

"But ma'am, you already waited for 3 straight hours. Maybe your boyfriend will not make it." I shot him a glare. He kept on saying those phrase again and again. I know he will come.

"Stop saying that okay! He promised me. Just give me 10 minutes. After that, I will leave." He nodded and turned around.

I looked at my wrist watch. I didn't realize it's already 10 in the evening. I waited for 3 damn hours just to see nothing. I wonder if he really love me. I thought he could make it but he made me feel disappointed. He just played with me. . . again.

10 minutes passed but I expected nothing. He didn't show up.

"Ma'am. . ."

"Here. I'll go now." I placed the money on the table and quickly stepped outside.

I sat on the parking lot and cried myself. Suddenly, I felt a cold breeze and shivered. I thought he would remember. I thought he would show himself up. But he didn't.

I hugged my knees as the tears in my eyes began to stream down. There's no one around me, that means no one also care if I'll cry here all night.

Because today is my unlucky day, the rain also began to fall down. I freakin hate this day. It looks like the rain and my tears are in sync. Ha ha ha weird. I look hilarious at this moment.

"You're crazy for that guy. If your boyfriend really loves you, he wouldn't let you feel and be like this." I looked up and saw the waiter that kept on bugging me. He gave me a jacket and we're now both sitting on the ground with his umbrella.

"You don't care okay?" I glanced away. He sighed and spoke,

"I'm just concern. A girl waiting for so many hours for a guy that will not show up while sitting on the ground. What a sad story." He even chuckled. I punched his arms that made him scream.

"Sorry haha. Why are you waiting for him?" He asked. He really is concerned. I think.

"Today is our 1st anniversary. I bet, he is with his other girlfriend right now." This guy looked surprised. He just tapped my back and smiled.

"I'm not being mean but, you're just wasting your time for that guy. He's no good for you. There are thousands of guys out there and one of them is the real one for you." I forced a smile and looked at him. I really can't see his face because of my tears and the rain.

"What's your name?" I asked in curiousity. He looks harmless so I think it's not bad for me to befriend him.

"Bobby. Bobby the bunny." I laughed at his introduction.

"Bobby the bunny? Haha how cute." Bobby stared at me seriously. I glanced away and think of another topic.

"Most of the people around me really find me cute because of my teeth." He widened his smile to show me his teeth. Because of that, I laughed again. He really looks cute and I admit it.

"How about you? What's your name?"

"My name's _______." I showed a little smile. We didn't mind the rain pouring down. I feel so cold and wet but it doesn't bother me at all. I think it's because of Bobby.

"_______? What a nice precious name. A girl like you must be treasured." I chuckled.

I held my stomach when it began roaring. Uh oh, this is awkward.

"I'm just. . . hungry." I said and awkwardly smiled. He stood up and held my hand.

"I'll just change myself and I'll treat you some hot ramen there at the street. Wait for me at the shed. Wipe yourself with this towel so you won't catch colds." Bobby handed me a towel and we ran going to the shed. He quickly went inside the reataurants again and I waited for him here outisde.

I slowly wiped my face and fixed my dress. Bobby is right. Why am I wasting my time for a guy that can't even make his promise? I'm so stupid.

I looked at the mirror and I didn't realize that my mascara is already scattered around my eyes.

"Let's go?" Bobby said as he walked towards me.

"Wait, give me that tissue." He snatched the tissue beside me and cupped my face.

I stared at him as he slowly remove the mascara from my eyes. I felt my heart beat faster than it should be.

"You look more gorgeous without make-up, _______." I glanced away and smiled. I stood up and wore the jacket he gave me.

"You'll treat me ramen huh bunny?" I said and we both chuckled.

"My name's Bobby not bunny okay?" He said as we sticked close to each other under the umbrella.

"But I want to call you bunny." I pouted and chuckled.

"Whichever you want." Bobby and I laughed.

We ate some hot ramen as what he promised. I somewhat forgot about my problems because of this bunny named Bobby. Thanks to him.


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