I know it wasn't in my place to say any of those things to Jett. But Rosy... she's been through a lot. And Jett might not be Eric but I can't help and blame myself for what Eric almost did. I could have said something, I could have told Rosy who Eric really was. I could have told Eric to leave her alone. But he was part of the band and I didn't want any drama in the band. I really thought Rosy wouldn't fall for his bullshit.

How wrong I was.

I just didn't want my sister to hurt again.


A month has passed since the kiss. There are times I forgot that we were left on bad terms and find myself staring at him. There are other times where I find myself joking around in our group just to get him to laugh. I just missed his attention but when we get carried away it's as if he remembers. I know I ruined my chances with him but I can't help and wonder what would have happened if the events that night played out differently.

I've set up a routine to avoid getting hurt. Wake up, go to school, eat only outside with Teresa, ignore everyone in music, go to the studio, eat, sleep. Over and over again. But sometimes I'll forget to ignore everyone. Sometimes I'll catch myself being in Jett's presence a little longer than usual. Sometimes I'll linger after school only to see him get in his flashy sports car and drive away. Sometimes I'll walk very slowly from class to class to catch a glimpse of him. At the studio I take every chance I get to be with him, and that's not many.

I know he's avoiding me and I'm starting to look desperate. So after last night, I've accepted defeat and decide to move on with my life. I've lost my chance and I can't get it back. I guess I never really let myself admit my feelings for him and now that I have, he wants nothing to do with me. You never really know what you have until it's gone. A lesson you would think I've learned by now.

I find myself again in the dance studio next to the music room. It's like my little safe haven at school. I was listening to Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation, just feeling the rhythm. Not dancing, not making choreo, I just wanted to be intoxicated by the music. The bass in this song vibrated through my ears and all I wanted was to play along. I yearned for it so badly that I risked being seen by anyone to borrow a bass. As soon as I got my hands on the familiar black bass, I went back to the room and started tuning it. I replayed the song and strung along, feeling lost in the music. So lost, I didn't notice my twin next to me until the song ended.

"Just like old times." Ace said making me jump, his eyes full of regret.

I looked at him one last time and just got up and left. Although I understood why he did what he did and forgave him for it, looking at him still made me upset. This past month he's been spoiling me rotten to get me to talk to him, but I just need some time.  And with the anxiety building up in me, I knew that I still wasn't ready to completely move on from it all.

The harp rang just in time, releasing me from this prison. People walking and bumping into me from left and right. I felt a grip on my arm and turned to see Jett. His expression scaringly calm as people walked around us to freedom.

"Where are you going princess?" He said walking towards me. His voice cold, paralyzing me on the stop.

As he stepped closer I shook my head from this spell and tried to pull my arm from his grasp. I only manage to get him to grip tighter. Not enough to cause pain but enough where he overpowers me.

"What no answer?" he stood right before.

His build towering mine as I looked up at him helplessly

"Let me go please." I whispered with a wild ruckus building up in my chest.

"How about we go for a walk instead." he said letting go of my arm but urging my back now.

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