Will You

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Will you be

My nepenthe

Will you help

Me forget the

Real me

Will you take

Away my past

And cover up

The scars

Will you hold

Me in the

Middle of the

Night when my

Dreams take over

And my fear

Is the greatest

Will you lie

To me and say

I’m beautiful

Tell me you love me

With all you heart

Will you hate

Me and slap me

In the face

Yell at me when

I cry and

Push me closer

To when I die

Will you tell

Me the truth

About how I’m

Stupid and way

Too freaking fat

For you

Will you pretend

To be death

And help me if

I can’t hold the

Knife steady

To finish what

Never should’ve started

Will you save

Me instead, let

Me see the

Bright side of a life

 That always pushes

Me back down

Will you cry

When you hear

My true thoughts

Of everything that’s

Going on right now

Will you laugh

At me if I

Admit that I am

Scared of what

Will happen when you

Are no longer there

Will you trust

Me to be able to

See when you no

Longer need me

But I still need you

Will you care

If you wake up one

Day and I’m no

Longer there

Will you be

My nepenthe

And save me from my

Past or leave me

Here forever

Just to see how

Long I’ll last  

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