chapter one

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Jades p.o.v 

Waking up was just another day of living in hell. The same things happening as the day before. It was more like a daily routine for me wake up get dressed and prepare myself for the worst at school over and over again. If you haven't guessed it yet I am bullied but not just by perticularly one group but the whole school actually I've been bullied since primary school and it just continued to present day. I didn't know why though was it becuase I was shorter smarter or just the fact that I wasn't head over heels for Perrie Edwards. Who every boy and girl wanted to be friends and more than friends with so they could be in her little cliche. which contained about 7 people exactly Leigh-Anne pinnock the girl the dark skinned girl with a black Afro and even darker eyes also the one who knew everything about everything the girl that would stab you in the back and the black mailer. Next was Eleanor Calder and Danielle who weren't that bad actually they just stood there and watched as people getting beat up. There was also Louis Eleanor's boyfriend who was devilishly handsome with his light brown hair in a quiff and greenish grayish eyes with a smirk that seemed to always stay on his lips then there was a sweeter nice lad named Liam who was only in the cliche because he was dating Danielle but he didn't like any drama and a very nice looking lad that also had brown hair in a quiff but his eyes were a kind chocloate brown that any girl in their right mind would melt in and may I add he was fit. There was also his best friend zayn a boy with tanned skin and dark jet black hair with hazel eyes and the one with more facial hair then the others since he liked to have some stuble on his face and was drop dead gorgeous but he was quiet and mysterious which I liked about him like Liam he didn't like the drama but that seemed to happen a lot in his life since his girlfriend was the lead bitch of the 7 the Perrie Edwards the blonde haired beauty with cotton candy blue eyes and pale skin you'd think she was normal and all by the way she smiles and giggles most of the time but you know shit goes down when she's pissed off and I seemed like the only person in the world she'd take all her anger out the girl that made my life a living hell. 


I pulled my caramel colored hair into a high ponytail and fixed the blazor on my school uniform as I walked down the hall with head hung low watching my shoes as I made my way to class as people started spitting names at me such as geek loser 4 eyes ect .... I could say their words didn't hurt me or make my heart sting but I would be lying. I just carried on pushing my glasses up on the bridge of my nose almost making it to my class until I was roughly pushed into a locker by non other then the infamous Perrie Edwards "Did you do my homework loser?'' She questioned her arm on my neck making it slightly hard to breath. Crap! I thought. Gulping I mummbled a "no". Perrie looked down at me eyes wide with annoyance "Well now what the hell am I supposed to tell Mr.Fitz" she said her free hand grabbing my wrist tightly almost painfully. I tried forming an excuse for her to tell him. But she wouldn't even let me speak "Everyone clear out!!!" She yelled and everyone did as told rushing to class. My eyes widening with fear waiting for the pain to start as she grabbed the collar of my shirt so are faces were only a few inches away "Why didn't you do my homework?" She asked her minty fresh breath hitting my face. "I was busy and aren't you supposed to do your own homework ?" I asked the last part a bit quieter. "Sorry what was that!??!?" She said slightly raising her voice and grabbing my collar even tighter if that was possible. I could feel the fear taking over my body as my heart began to beat faster. I don't know why I said this but I did "Shouldn't you do your own homework?" She chuckled making me slightly confused but before I knew it she slapped me her nails scratching my cheek. The impact was so hard it made me fall to the ground cupping my face in pain as the after shock hit me and the pain began rippling through my face . She bent down next to me grabbing the back of my head tugging at my hair roughly making a whimper escape my mouth "I want it finished right after lunch understand?" When I didn't answer she just tugged on my hair tighter making my head arche back "Understood!?!" she yelled "" I said on the verge of tears "Good" she grinned before getting up and kicking me right in the ribs causing me to loose my breath with an "ooof" "And if anyone asks where you got the bruises from say you tripped down the stairs" she snickered before leaving right as the bell rang. I sat up weakly as my ribs ached with pain. "Why can't I just stand up for myself?" I thought .  


so this was more like a filler chapter on how everyone is and don't worry jesy. harry and niall come into the story soon. but if you liked this chapter please comment if you want more and I hate to say this but vote comment and follow me please it would mean a lot to me thank you ^_^

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